New AIS Site Launched

So a couple of days of solid blitzing, between the two of us, Dave and I have finally got the new combined effort AIS up and running. There’s a lot still to be done and added to (we have over 600 link pages to choose from!), and this will be slowly added to keep the spiders interested and which also gives us time to clean up the markup of every page before it goes online. To be fair I wouldn’t say this is a strict AIS. Whilst we could just put the site up and leave it (in the next week or so I’ll get the automatic payment confirmation added for the PayPal sales so no work is required at all) however I really want to put more effort into this web site to expand the site to a really useful resource. As an added bonus, and the main focus of the site, are the sale of products. Luckily a good friend of mine can supply us an endless supply of products to sell directly on the web site, plus there are more sources of products that I’m just looking at to create a whole little shop!nnI’ve discovered with this site that Dave and I actually make a good team as far as web sites are concerned. He has his own speciality with CSS, XHTML, accessibility and design whereas I am far more interested in PHP and SEO (besides the content writing!!). Between us we’ve run through the site fairly quickly and I’m impressed with what we’ve now got. Perhaps I’m just blind – let me know what you think of the site – Tribal Tattoos.

4 Responses

  1. Gary says:

    Certainly an interesting subject. I like tats.nnWhat you need is for someone to use one of those designs and post a glowing testimonial 😉 I would but the designs are not quite what I’m after…nnHow long did the site take to build?nWhat research did you do before building it?nWhy did you choose this niche?nDo you have tattoos?nnNote that your meta-tags are empty – if you use them! I never do…nnSite looks great though – nice design. I can see millions of “tat” searches, but only a few “tat” advertisers…nnNice monetization in the shop – I wonder if there’s a market for tat templates bought off the net? I really don’t know. I designed my own!

  2. Sarah says:

    We’ve got a lot more to add, luckily Chris has some photos from people who have had the tattoos done which I think can give a good idea. Testimonials could be a good idea, not something I really thought of. But there’s a lot more to add like more products, articles, extra contact options etc. Whilst it’s an AIS site I want to at least set aside half an hour a week to add to it. The links directory will grow, I just want to database-ise the links and set up my own search as well as category based links.nnIn answer to your questions:nThe site has probably taken around 10 hours to build in total. At the moment the PayPal doesn’t use the IPN to automatically email out purchases, but that’ll only take half an hour to add in, if that.nnThe research was an accident. I was looking up some stuff on swish on Wordtracker and found ‘Tattoo Designs’ in the mix and look at the phrase for Chris’s own site. I suddenly unearthed a nice little gem! More phrases researched just made the site even more fruitful.nnWell the good looking figures from the research coupled with the discovery of the available domain name and of course knowing I could sell chris’s designs directly for him and nag him for more content, an eBook, more flashes etc. just made us figure it was worth giving it a go.nnNo I don’t have a tattoo – I’ve had temporary ones, which is something we’re looking into to see if we could print them ourselves and sell them too, but no I have no intention of getting one either!nnI know Chris has made a fair few quid from his site selling them, we’re selling at the same price so there’s no difference for the visitors and he’s happy for us to deal with the sales and just pay him his money.nnWe’ve basically got a web site that’s got great potential in my eyes. My SEO seems spot on for the other sites I’ve played with recently so it will be interesting with a new web site as to how this does with the getting indexed, the speed of indexing, and the ‘alleged’ google sandbox (which I don’t believe in!). All I need to do now is get another friend to clean up the page text for me and I’ll be happy 🙂

  3. Gary says:

    Nice work – I hope it’s a big sucess!nnTattoos are strange things you know – once you’ve had one you’ll want another and another. When I first had mine done, I was bricking myself. 20 minutes after the guy had completed the Tat, I wanted another. I was going to get another this summer, but the queue in the Tat shop was too long and I didn’t have enough time :(nnIt’s a big big market, play the cards right and this site could be a little stunner.nnPossibly a “nice” way to get traffic would be to rate Tattoo’s in a “hot or not” type of competition…

  4. Matt says:

    Looks really good sarah, great idea! Espcially as you know you can dave can work together so well now! I expect to see big things!