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Okay that was relatively easy and I'm now running on the newest version of WordPress, v2.0. Unfortunately my category pages are still not working so I'll be rewriting those once I can work out which one to edit! If anyone has any suggestions as to why using the Mod Rewrite the second page doesn't work I'd be interested to hear from you.

WP2 seems not too bad. It's got a few new features that will come in handy when setting it up for client's news sections. There's a WYSIWYG editor now (which I currently have on) – not sure if I personally will keep it on however as I do still prefer to handcode, but for certain clients who I'm installing it for it will come in very handy as they shy away from even seeing any XHTML code, even if they don't actually have to type it! Plus the file upload feature has been moved to the same page as the posting page, again not something I use but clients would. And finally Save and Continue Editing lets you also preview what you've just written. Handy for me as I often write out code (as some may have noticed) for PHP stuff and manage to break it at some point, so now I can check it first 😀
Hmm there's no code option, yup I'll be switching this editor off now!

It seems that either WordPress is not complete or else the Mod Rewrite is breaking my site a little. If you go into a particular category, eg CSS and XHTML, and then go to 'Previous Posts' the page doesn't exist and it shows you an archive listing. I've also found other pages where you can't go back further. I tried switching back to the default template to check it wasn't my own that I'd hacked a little too much and broken it, but even that one didn't work. I've seen from my stats that almost 30 people this month have tried going to 'page 2' of a few sections so I'm going to attempt to fix this – so the front page shouldn't be touched but internal category pages may fall apart for a while! Just to warn you 😀

Edit: Actually I just discovered WordPress 2.0 is out of beta and now stable so instead I'm gonna upgrade to that first. So if the site's gone well you won't reading this now will you?!

Good and Bad News regarding my Swish site…nnThe bad news is I just realised that at least 4 of my most popular pages on the SwishWorld site were not displaying correctly and not displaying the Google Adsense. Because I've been breaking the pages out of the original directory structure and bringing them into the root I've had to change the PHP includes from "../includes/" to "includes/" however in my typical fashion I missed this out on two pages for the adsense and on two pages for every include (so that's the header, adsense, side bar and footer). I've just checked the cache of my most popular page after the shop pages and it's been like this for weeks :( It's all fixed now but this may explain why my money dropped a little over the past few weeks *sob*.nnSo the good news at least outweighs the bad news. My friend who I bought the .com domain with all those years ago, informed me the other week that we had the UK domain as well. So I got this pointed to my own hosting account (the .com is hosted on his on a different server) and have finally set up the UK branch of SwishWorld at SwishWorld UK. The difference is mainly for shopping. SwishWorld now has affiliate links to Amazon US, selling the products from there and hopefully will appeal more to the US market (the bulk of my visitors at present). The templates available are shown in US dollars too. SwishWorld UK has Amazon UK affiliate links and English prices for the templates and SWiSHmax software.nnI'm not out to duplicate the original site on a new IP, I've just set up a UK version of the web site's shopping area. The Links directory and articles will all stay on the .com domain. For a start off I think I've proved that I'd mess up trying to synchronise 2 sites!! The beauty of the UK domain however is that hopefully Google will index it more for the UK market and drive more UK visitors through to the web site who in turn will either buy from the shop or go on through to the links directory where there's money to be made!nnI've got the UK site on it's own channel so (and just as writing this I realised the .com had a custom channel so just removed that from the UK code!) it will be interesting to see if it gets anywhere for me.nnToday I've spent perhaps 3 hours on my AIS sites. Let's see if it pays off :)

This is just a quick (quick means me trying not to type too much!) update to the Tribal Tattoos site that Dave and I set up about 2 months ago.nnThe site cost $35 plus a few hours of our time. The site has so far made $40+ in adsense.nnUp until now we've been receiving an average of 100 visitors a day however Wednesday we had 157 visitors and yesterday 191. Nothing has really changed with Google but MSN had jumped from 258 to 373 links in. After a check on the raw logs I can see that about 9/10 recent visitors have come from MSN UK which I'm really chuffed with. We are getting the adsense clicks but not much on the payout (a major variance as the high payers are tattoo removal ads!). I did remove most of the adsense from the main pages too and just left them on the articles and links pages as I felt that I wanted to build a real resource and make more money on selling products than a few cents on an outgoing link.nnSo due to this sudden influx of visitors I've finally got my act together and grabbed a load of amazon US and UK codes, images and prices. I've now added a page with both the US and UK links for Tattoo Books and also a page for Tattoo Magazine Subscriptions – however these are only available in the US unfortunately, but the bulk of our visitors are from the US so hopefully a few may pick up a previously unnoticed offer. I know the Amazon affiliate set up is pretty naff. All of the links make 7.5% on referral which is ok, however only if that product is bought within 24 hours which is not so good.nnHowever even a few sales (well I need $100 worth at Amazon US to get paid!) will be great, hopefully this will cash in on those visitors that just seem to keep increasing – So much for the Google Sandbox!!! 😀

I'm very impatient when it comes to new things. I don't like having to wait that much and so waiting for a site to be indexed and showing in Search Engines is a bit of a nightmare for me! Googlebot, MSN and Yahoo have all been reading up on my new AIS site launched less than a week ago at osCommerce however nothing is showing in Google yet.nnI realised today that I didn't have a Site Map and so that's just been added along with a little more text to the front page as it's somewhat lacking. Unfortunately I'm terrible at writing text. I find it very hard to think up decent sentences, especially ones working around key phrases. English was never my favourite subject at school, in fact is was the only subject I actually studied for at my exams when I was 16.nnWell no indexing, no sales and a handful of visitors. I hope things change soon.

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