Chiquitos Mexican Restaurant – Leicester

We have just been for a fantastic meal in the Chiquitos restaurant in the Meridian complex on the West side of Leicester. Chiquitos is one of my favourite restaurants. Since first going to one about 5 years ago I've developed a taste for Mexican food especially Fajitas. Admittedly I feel that I can cook Fajitas pretty well myself however I still enjoy going out for a meal even if I'm not so adventurous to change what I order from the norm.

We got there for around 7:30pm and was told we'd have to wait for half an hour, but after ordering our drinks the little buzzer that they gave us suddenly lit up and started vibrating (quite cool really!). So off the menu I had:

A share in the combo platter – Half a mini corn on the cob, a bacon and cheese loaded potato skin, BBQ chicken wing, breaded cream cheese and Jalapenos pepper.
Chicken Fajitas
Chocolate Brownie and Icecream sundae

The final bill for 4 of us came to £75 which included a couple of rounds of drinks, the shared starter and we all had a dessert. To be honest I've never been let down at a Chiquito Restaurant. Their menu is quite varied offering less spicy food as well as steaks. It's also great for a good night out as they have a nice selection of cocktails as well.

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4 Responses

  1. laurie says:

    I have been invited here on sat night for my friends birthday and i have never been i was wondering {prob sounds silly} but what to wear? i dont wanna over dress thanx for your help

  2. Sarah says:

    Chiquitos is pretty casual and laid back so go for the type of clothes you'd wear to the pub. I tend to wear Jeans, trainers or shoes, and a t'shirt or top.

    Hope that helps, and enjoy your evening out there :)

  3. Mike Matthews says:

    Chiquitos at Meridian was one of the worst meals my family had. The service and food was woeful and when I wrote to Head Office last year I never received a reply. We have not – and will not – use Chiquitos again. Crap attention to customer concerns – we are articulate and smart, not whingey, and so many of our friends have given it a miss so we have got our revenge. A pity as it used to be a great place. AVOID at all costs !!!

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Mike, well the post you've commented on is 4 years old, so I guess it's gone downhill since. To be honest, we don't go to any Chiquitos now simply because I prefer my own version of fajitas. More tasty 😉

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