Blog Makeover

I’m going through a few themes at the moment with this blog. I want to find something that does the job nicely and is quick and easy to manage. Trouble is the themes I like don’t always seem to validate, or the front page looks great but the internal pages don’t. So bear with me as the changes occur.

I had some problems yesterday with temp sessions not clearing on the server (a server wide issue), and all of my blogs were down, luckily Martin at SiteHQ was still up gone midnight and fixed it within the hour. Of course I was tucked up in bed by then! Still can’t complain at the speed of their tech support that’s for sure! (Thanks Marty)

I’ve cleaned up my categories on this blog, added a tonne of links out of my feedreader (anyone who’s missed or who doesn’t want to be there let me know), and also added a new category called blogging. I promise I’ll get back into the PHP posts for anyone who was following them (very few I expect!) or for anyone who found it a handy reference, I know I do!

Business is still going fine, just trying to tie up loose ends of work to get my projects down to two, a massive one and my contract job, which will then give me time to concentrate on my own stuff. I’ve had my first ‘sale’ through my business site. Okay sorry my 3rd sale but my first real web job, updating someone’s osCommerce store. However being so busy has meant I’ve hired Chris to deal with most of the updates as he’s more than capable and can do it quicker too, but it’s still something I need to learn further, however I’m learning about it still (learning never to set it up for someone!). There are plenty of people with osCommerce sites out there who can’t maintain them theirselves so it’ll be a handy method of getting in small jobs.

I prefer small jobs, they’re quick to do and over soon. I get bored over staring at the same site constantly, and prefer new challenges. Anyhow, I must get back to work.

As for this theme, well it’s okay but there are a few warnings and the menu isn’t laid out how I want it.

4 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    For the time being I’ll stick with this one now. Still need to jig a few things around but to find a validating flexi width blog theme is not exactly that straightforward!

  2. Sarah says:

    Typical woman, I’ve changed my mind again. The other was just too bland, and I guess when all’s said and done, a fixed width post block is probably better for reading. I’ve still a few more customisations to do on this theme but I quite like it. It decreases froma 4 column site down to a 2 column without breaking, it’s clean and pretty funky I think.

  3. Rutty says:

    I like it! Very well laid out and I like the collapsing column idea.

  4. Sarah says:

    I agree, the collapsing columns is great. The original look was slightly different, and the designer has a second template that runs with the same method which is also quite cool, but I was going for simple and clean. Plus on a screen as wide as mine (1600 pixels), I like having it filled as much as possible!

    Just still got the Gravatars to fix, it doesn’t display the default blank image if it cannot find a gravatar for someone, so I’ll do a bit of hacking when I have time 😀