AIS Business, One step closer

I’ve mentioned in the past about a business I was setting up with two other partners, selling products online. A bit cagey I know but I can’t really say much until it’s running.nnThe idea for this business started 3 years ago now. Seems so long ago and it’s still not live! To explain in part, the business doesn’t have any other real competition in the UK. We’ve only found one site that almost offers a similar service however my site would be automated whereas the other site isn’t, which is the big selling point for the business. That and our prices – the most popular product would be sold at under £10 including postage which was going to be our initial selling point whilst I got the rest of the site finished.nnSounds strange, why launch a half finished site. Trouble is there’s only little ol’ me writing the PHP code and the site is pretty big ‘inside’, so I had to split it into stages. My intention was to have the whole site finished but as time has dragged on and we’ve tried out supplier after supplier, and currently back to our first supplier, I don’t want to put heart and soul into the site until I know that we can rely on the supplier.nnHowever on Friday I had a special delivery and an example product. Unfortunately we seem to have been treated as 2nd class as the product wasn’t up to scratch and we only had one whereas I’d asked for one type of each product. But still, at least I’d gotten something from them.nnI doubt this business will be running before Christmas, but I’d like to see it come to light. I’ve put a large amount of my time into it, a lot of headache, a lot of travel and the most money too. But it just shows when you have to rely on someone else for something for your business to run, then the security and reliability that you’re used to isn’t always there.

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  1. Fred says:

    What are you selling?

  2. Sarah says:

    Sorry, I can’t really go into detail on the products as it would make it obvious what the business is about and where we essentially got the idea from.

  1. Sat, 16 September, 2006

    […] A short while ago I wrote about a business that I’d been working on for almost 3 years was starting to liven up again after the delivery of a product sample from the supplier. Today I had an email with some of the prices too. About 2.5 years ago we first met with this supplier and he gave us prices. They were pretty encouraging until he mentioned a few months later that they excluded VAT. We (interpret that as I!) managed to tweak the prices so that they were still pretty competitive and good value whilst still giving us a reasonable profit. […]

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