1 and 1 vs Fasthosts

UPDATE: I’ve noticed whenever Fasthosts servers go down (and it’s quite often) this page gets a major influx of visitors looking for answers and help. So here’s a couple

1. Leave Fasthosts! I’ve seen more people have problems with them than ever! I wholeheartedly recommend SiteHQ, which virtually all of my client sites are hosted on, or Clook.net, again great support and we recommend both to friends and clients.

2. If you really want to contact Fasthosts then try their Sales helpline on 0870 888 3600, their support section may work at https://www.fasthosts.co.uk/support/ (but I’m guessing their site is down if you’re reading this!). Unfortunately I can’t login to get their technical support number as I don’t have an account with them!.

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A while back I wrote about my ordeal with Fasthosts Tech Support and how they cleverly informed me that a client’s site didn’t even exist on their servers and that all servers were up and running when the next day the client’s site reappeared after we’d assumed it had been deleted. Have to say that post pulled in hundreds of visitors a couple of months ago when Fasthosts had a major outage – I wondered who was attacking my site!!

Anyhow, now it’s the turn of 1 and 1, one of the other major UK hosting companies. Another client had a site off me and it went live last March. I managed to get into their admin section and work out how to change the domain’s nameservers just fine. I thought this was a doddle, all those people complaining about 1 and 1. Once the site was live I set to work on transferring the domains. Step 1 – work out where to do this. I spoke to a friend who said several years ago he had to download a form from their site and fax it off to them. Okay, fine, not a major issue, however I couldn’t find the form. In fact I couldn’t find anything about domain transfer away from 1 and 1. I did find one page in their FAQ but it wasn’t linked! After a bit of hunting and clicking on the right buttons I finally found a page explaining it all along with a link to their Contracts section where you can transfer your domains away and cancel your contract.

So since March it has taken until today to get the domains IPSTAG to finally be changed. During this time I’ve requested transfer about 4-5 times per domain. My client has phoned 1 and 1 several times and emailed them several times asking for email addresses to be updated. Turns out the main stumbling block was because at some point the client’s details had been updated and instead of reading the outbound (second part) of their post code as 1NN it was entered as INN (all UK postcode outbound parts always start with a number) and never noticed by their call centre staff. Apparently this wrong password meant they couldn’t change an email address elsewhere (makes perfect sense I’m sure). And even then since getting it all finalised and looking correct on Friday and re-requesting the transfers it still takes a human being to process the transfer. This is a very large company and they can’t have an automated process?!

When it comes to 1 and 1 tech support it’s worse than Fasthosts and their on hold music is even worse! I found with 1 and 1 the only way to get a decent answer is to use the email support@1and1.co.uk. Perhaps whilst you’re with them you’re fine, but come to leave and regardless of whether it’s a good business trick or not, putting up too many hurdles in the way of a leaving customer is only going to frustrate them more!

That said I’ve still not finished the job as I still have to ensure the contract is now fully cancelled!

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  1. claire says:

    hello sarah!

    maybe your just trying to sell sitehq to us..your quite impossible.
    your such a losser!

  2. Sarah says:

    Thanks Claire, good to know I’m a ‘losser’. And I’m pretty straightforward, not impossible at all.

    Of course I don’t own SiteHQ and make no money out of referring SiteHQ, however after using them for several years, I never had a simple problem such as asking a tech if a particular site was on their server, only to be told it wasn’t… when it was.

    If you feel that’s acceptable technical support for hosting then I whole heartedly recommend either FastHosts or 1&1 because that’s the type of support you’ll get.

    Good luck with your hosting… you’re going to need it.

  3. Dermot says:

    The comments in this thread are nearly a decade old! Grateful for an update? How do all the companies mentioned perform now?


    • Sarah says:

      Hi Dermot, I honestly couldn’t tell you how they perform now as I don’t deal with them at all and haven’t done so since this post. Things may have improved but I couldn’t say for sure either way. I still recommend SiteHQ or Clook to people, both of which run exceptionally well and support is first rate.