WordPress Plugins

I was helping a friend out with sourcing a few plugins for her new WordPress blog and I came across a great resource for plugins at a site called Yellow Swordfish. A fellow Brit, this guy has created a variety of WordPress plugins such as a forum, a photo gallery and more.

One plugin I’ve added and highly recommend is the Admin Advanced Drop Down Menus. Anyone familiar with WordPress knows that to manage your comments you have to first click on ‘Manage’ and then click on the ‘Comments’ in the sub menu (or go via the dashboard before a smart alec mentions it!). Frustrating when your server is running slow. This little plugin simply takes the submenu and creates a drop down menu so every option is available to you with one click, not two. A simple but effective plugin.

I’ve had a play with the Photo Gallery too and would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have the expertise to set up their own (or doesn’t want to use Flickr). For me, whilst it’s nice it’s more time consuming to get it just how I want as opposed to my own script which I’m altering and then hoping to build into this site. However the Gallery plugin is a fully fledged gallery for WordPress which is pretty cool 🙂

Very much recommended site, and the design and menu is pretty cool too!

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  1. Thanks. If I wasn’t an Englishman I’d be blushing 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    You’re welcome 😀