Yep it's Sunday night again, back to work tomorrow after a nice long relaxing weekend.

This week I was quite impressed with myself. I got quite coordinated with work, delegating where necessary, and felt like I covered quite a bit of ground. Well I did until Wednesday afternoon! We were already planning to go out as it was Dave's Niece's 10th birthday, however at lunchtime he had a call from his sister asking if he was free for the afternoon to go with her to Macclesfield (just south of Manchester) as she was meeting someone from the company she works with to help go over an application form for promotion. After discussions I agreed to go too as I knew the way (just by where my Brother lives!). However despite setting off in reasonably good time, the motorway was just gridlocked. So a bit of cross country driving and it took us over 2 hours to do the 1 hour journey! It was a long day. We had dinner (3 courses!) in the pub restaurant next door, and didn't get back home until gone 9pm, still needing to go see the birthday girl!!

Thursday we hit Costco, the local cash and carry. Unfortunately on the way there my car (the VW Polo) decided to develop a slight rattle when going over bumps. Not good considering we're due to drive to Cardiff in it on Wednesday! So early tomorrow morning it's off to the garage. Luckily it's free parts and labour for the first year under warranty. I'm guessing a nut has just come loose but then again I could be wrong, we'll find out tomorrow. At least the shopping in Costco was good. Having a trade card finally paid off as we walked in and were offered fresh coffee and freshly baked cookies and cakes! Plus a few other tasting sessions (and the people doing the sessions are happy to give you more for a quick chat!). We definitely saved at least 20% – 33% off the street price of everything we bought. Back there on Tuesday to get a deal on wine at just under £3 per bottle (£4.50 odd in Sainsbury's per bottle).

Other than that it's been a quite week. I've happily stayed in all weekend – it's hardly been nice weather. Yesterday I spent working on my own sites, today I've just spent the day reading various sites, searching for some info on Timeshares and a specific rip off company for my parents, and pretty much taking it easy.

Hope the weather clears up. It's been pretty naff all weekend. We'll be in Cardiff from Wednesday to Saturday so evenings out would go nicer without the rain :)

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  • Sarah Comments:

    Car's back, new suspension coil. I don't seem to be having much luck with suspensions in recent months! Still it was all free (under warranty) and I got it washed and cleaned inside! Saves me the cost of going to a car wash 😀

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