Want to Learn WordPress?

So since I was commissioned to write an article on getting started with WordPress, and in theory was meant to write 6 (but the magazine was closed right after the first was done), I’ve been thinking about writing up about WordPress on here instead. We use WordPress a lot these days. I run 3 main blogs plus a couple of minor blogs with WordPress powering each site. We’ve also taken it one step further and used WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) to power client sites, for either budget purposes or if the client is intending to have a news/events section and therefore can utilise the blogging system.

WordPress is so simple to use, and with the addition of a selection of plugins we can have a great site set up pretty quickly. For basic brochure style sites this is great. Theoretically you could set up a new site within a day easily, still providing the client with their own CMS to update their site. However you can push WordPress further, write custom template pages and then you start to unleash the flexibility and control you have. I can allow clients to update their own without messing up certain sections by simply putting the code into the template whilst allowing them to just update the page content.

WordPress is also well spidered. One click and your blog goes from dynamic URLs to directory style URLs. Posting a news or event sends a ping out to all the top blog search sites and the post can often be in Google Blogsearch within the hour. With certain plugins you can retain even more control over how the site runs, and safe in the knowledge that the client will have to work hard to mess the site up!

So I’ll be adding the odd post here and then which runs through the basics of WordPress before moving onto the advanced aspects. With so many people asking about WordPress these days I figured it may be of use to some 🙂 I’ll try to not swamp my blog in it for those who don’t care 😉

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2 Responses

  1. really looking forward to seeing more… and i’ll be asking plenty of questions too 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Questions are always welcome 🙂