WordPress Upgrade and Site Upgrade

With the new release of WordPress 2.2 today, I decided it was time to move the sites over to my UK hosting account and off Dave’s client hosting (formerly mine hence why they’re there!).

Besides the WordPress upgrade, I’ve also reworked the sites to store my Tech and Personal blog under the blog directory and my AIS blog under the ais directory. With the move plus the new upgrade I had to change a bit of the code on the front end however it does now mean that these blogs are now on the same server as my Food blog so I can grab the comment count again, makes the site a little more consistent.

I’ve also upgraded the domain name. I originally put it all on ‘sarahfreelance.co.uk’ as I had it going spare. Originally bought to use to showcase my work as a Freelancer, instead of a business, I never actually used it and threw a hidden personal blog on it years ago. Dave then talked me into using WordPress and moving it to the root of the domain, however I’m tired of seeing the domain really. ‘Freelance’ isn’t my surname but people link to it as if it is! Now I have a much nicer domain (I think).

So if you see any wierd goings on, let me know. I still have the posts on the old site to redirect, a bit of htaccess tinkering I imagine so wait for it to all go wrong!

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