Tutorial: Write a Page

What’s the difference between a Page and a Post? A page is a static part of your website in that it rarely changes, for example an about us page or a contact page. This are usually always visible. A post is perhaps an item of news or information, but when a new post is made, the previous post moves ‘down the list’ and eventually archived. Posts are put into categories.

So, if you want a page such as an about or contact page, for example on this site I have my pages along the top. There is About, Contact, Learn PHP Guide and my Subscribe page.

Write Page

Pages are similar to posts in that the ‘Write Page’ page is laid out in a similar fashion with just a few different options. The Title and Post content are still there as usual, as is the upload box, discussion, status (page status as opposed to post status) and slug. For further reading on these please view my Writing Posts tutorial.

The extra options are pretty straightforward.

Page Password
Allows you to give the page a password and only people who know that password will be able to access and view the content of the page.
Page Parent
A drop down list of all existing pages allowing you to assign the new page as a top level page or as a child of another page. Especially handy for large sites that will create drop down menus or sections with several sub pages.
Page Template
This is only visible when you have templates other than the default one available. You can select which template to use. I’ll explain page templates at a later date.
Page Order
You can control the order of your pages by assigning a number to each one. Providing you have the correct information set in the template tag that displays your pages (wp_list_pages(sort_column=menu_order)), your pages will display in the order you set. Otherwise they’ll display in alphabetical order.

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