WordPress MU

I’ve been playing a little with WordPress MU – the multi user version of WordPress that’s used to power WordPress.com. I kept downloading it with the intention of having a play but have only just got around to trying it out on a new site that I’ve set up for travel blogs, mainly for me and my family/friends to use.

Is it any good? Well it’s a bit like having WordPress running as usual, so there’s no difference there really, and then there is the extra section for admin to administer users, blogs, themes and general options. I tried the subdomain method of installation at first – ie. each new blog would be http://blogname.yourdomain.com however this didn’t want to work for me. Perhaps it was because I’d only bought the domain less than an hour earlier and not all the DNS had propogated. However the directory method (http://yourdomin.com/blogname/) works fine. Then once I realised how to get plugins running (you have to turn the option to enable plugins on under the Site Admin -> Options) then I could get my Advanced Admin Menus running.

Otherwise it’s been okay so far. It’s quite a powerful system (clearly as it’s been running WordPress.com all this time!) such as being able to enable a theme for a particular blog only, handy to prevent people selecting the same theme, and potentially being able to offer people the pro service of being able to choose a unique theme.

As I mentioned, this new site is more for family and friends who can either write a blog of their travels during their trip or on their return. Whilst my parents were away both my Mum and her friend wrote in blogs and when you’re staying somewhere with free wireless access then it’s quite a good way to keep in touch especially when you’re away for a longer period of time. It’s certainly something I want to do when we go to Italy this autumn, but of course I don’t want to saturate this blog with posts of Italy on a daily basis!

I’ve still got a lot of playing to do on it, finding out what else it’s capable of. However if you need a script to run multiple blogs then I highly recommend you take a look at it.

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