Tutorial: The Blogroll

The Blogroll is where you can store various bookmarks and links out to other websites. It’s very simple to use. First off if you go to Blogroll -> Add Link you’ll get a simple screen where you can add in a title, the URL and description of a link. Select a category from the right (similar to the way Posts are categorised), the default is Blogroll however you can add others by using the quick category add box above the list. You can now save the link if you wish. On most themes the Blogroll is displayed in the sidebar. Some choose to display it on its own page, however that’s getting into templates which I’ll come to later.

There are additional options when adding a link. Link Relationship (XFN) allows you to select certain criteria to explain the link you’ve just added. If it’s another site of yours you can simply select the checkbox next to ‘another web address of mine’. Alternatively you may want to explain that the link is from a friend, work colleague, your significant other, parent etc. This allows to build a network and explain the relationship between your site and the site you’re linking to.

The Advanced section allows you to add additional information for more advanced display on the front end. For example you can add a link to the site’s logo, RSS feed, your own notes and also a rating. However most of the basic templates will not use this information so you’ll need to alter your template to use it if you want to use the feature (I’ll get to that one day!).

On the right hand side, below the categories box you also have Target and Visible. Target means the type of target to use for the link. ‘_blank’ will open a new window and ‘_top’ should be used for a frame based website (and if you have a frame based blog can I now ask you to rethink!). By default it’s set to none which means when someone clicks a link in your blogroll, the site will load in the same window/tab and leave your website. Personally I use none as this is best for accessibility, prevention of spawning multiple windows and seriously annoying your visitors. If they want to open the link in a new window or tab then they can control this themselves.

Finally the visible box simply means, should the link be visible or not. It means you can stop showing a link without deleting it from your list.

Under Blogroll -> Manage Blogroll you can view all of your bookmarks, and you have the option of editing or deleting them. If you want to edit a bookmark category then you’ll need to do this under Manage -> Categories.

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