My Guest Blogging Posts

No, not a guest blogger here (who’d want to! 😉 ). I was asked last week if I’d like to write a couple of posts for another blog whilst the owner was away for the week so I figured it was worth a go and would write about WordPress and using it as a static site. This is only a brief introduction really, and it won’t take the place of my WordPress tutorials (which I’ll get back onto writing in September, once this manic week has passed!).

There’s been a lot of debate on Guest Posts which I kept in mind when writing mine. Hopefully I’ve done Guest Bloggers justice. It seems to have been well received so far after the first post, the second is scheduled for about 2pm today (GMT).

Anyhow, you can read the first post on Blogtrepreneur at Building a Static Site Using WordPress.

Hope you like it 😉

Update: Second post is online – Part 2

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2 Responses

  1. sara says:

    Going to check them out now!

  2. Sarah says:

    Hope you enjoyed it 🙂 The second post may be a bit more of interest as it goes into things a bit more. The first is more the sales pitch!