New WordPress Plugin

For those of you who don’t read my AIS Blog, then a quick intro is needed for my first ever WordPress Plugin. What this simply does is take the RSS feeds supplied under the WordPress blogroll (if you have entered them in) and retrieves the most recent post from each site. It then takes the 5 most recent posts and displays them in the sidebar under the heading ‘What Others Are Saying’. This combines the idea of linking someone with the idea of showing what that person is actually writing about too. I’ve often been on a site, looked at the external links but the title just hasn’t got any oomph to get me to click on it. However a good post title can pull people in.

There is a certain widget that does something similar, except you can’t control who is on your list, nor can you control what is on the list, as I discovered within 36 hours of putting it on my site (let’s just say X rated post title, not for the under 18s). This plugin provides natural, non JavaScript, links, usually direct to the blog post. I say usually as there is one feed that I’m still trying to get the true URL to come out as Feedburner is getting in the way!

You can see it in action below my Top Commentators and Most Commented section on the sidebar. Mine updates every 3 hours so as to not overload the feeds in my blogroll.

If you want to give it a try then I’d love to hear your feedback.

» What Others Are Saying Plugin.

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