Upgraded to WordPress 2.3

I’ve just upgraded this blog to the new version of WordPress and it seemed to go pretty well. As it is a major update I first grabbed new versions of all the plugins I use to try and ensure I didn’t break anything! Luckily everything I use is either already compatible or had been updated ready, so it’s all gone smoothly. Even my own WordPress plugin works fine 😉

What’s new on this new version? Well from a brief look I’ve noticed the new tag system, which I probably won’t use as I’m not a fan of tag clouds. The best improvement I’ve noticed so far is the plugin update check. After upgrading I went to take a plugin off that had been replaced with a new name, and noticed another plugin hadn’t been upgraded and it just says right below ‘There is a new version of *plugin name and version*. Click to download’. So it doesn’t upgrade for you (which is good!) but keeps a check on the plugins. Of course I’m guessing those are the plugins known to WordPress, afterall if I upgraded my plugin, there’s no way WordPress would tell you 😉 I’ll get it submitted to them once I’ve got the admin page done.

The upgrade didn’t go 100% smoothly though. I had a load of database errors come up complaining of duplicate entries, however this was in a database table that’s new, so it wasn’t down to my existing version. I guess the upgrade script has a couple of bugs in it? I’ll see what happens when I upgrade another blog and see if the same issue is there. It’s not stopped anything from working, and I’m not sure what the new table (wp_term_relationships) is actually for. Maybe it’s to do with the tags? Still, otherwise it all seems okay so far. Let me know if you see anything that doesn’t look right 🙂

Update: Seems they’ve moved a few too many tables around as my front page now doesn’t work 🙁 Which means the feed won’t either. I may get this fixed before I go away tomorrow else it won’t be until Tuesday.

Update 2: Yay I fixed the front page after working out their new category system! I also discovered by category pages were erroring so that’s fixed now.

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2 Responses

  1. sara says:

    I think I will wait until next week as if something happens, I won’t have time to play with things this weekend

  2. Sarah says:

    Probably a wise choice. I would have left it until next week had I not needed to check if the plugin still worked!

    To be fair though, I upgraded all of my existing plugins that I could find upgrades for before upgrading WordPress. The only plugin that failed is one that wasn’t supported, and the newer support of it hasn’t updated it yet so I did that myself. The only other issue was my front page which is handcoded to combine all 3 blogs.