I think I broke my Trackbacks

I just want to apologise to anyone who wonders why their trackback doesn’t display on this blog or my AIS Blog. Back when I was fighting comment spam I installed a plugin called WP Hardened Trackback which allowed people to grab a temporary URL to do a trackback when referring to a post. Because this rarely happened I didn’t actually put anything out on the site for people to get a link (besides the fact I didn’t really understand how it worked!), so instead I just used the plugin to kill all trackbacks.

Since rethinking this decision I disabled the plugin as I found I missed out on people writing about my posts (it’s rare but it’s nice!) and figured I could deal with the trackback spam considering I’d reduced comment spam to about 5 a day (from 100 or so). However, Trackbacks no longer work on either site. Maybe I’ve blocked something else, but I don’t think I have. I’ve upgraded WordPress a couple of times since but nothing’s changed. Even my own pings/trackbacks don’t work which of course is not great as that’s the best way to allow people to follow a series of posts through your blog.

If anyone’s got any ideas on what I could look at to fix this I’d appreciate hearing them. It’s clearly something in the database somewhere!

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  1. Thu, 24 April, 2008

    […] may remember a while back I wrote about my broken trackbacks and my attempts to fix them. I noticed last month or so that a trackback had appeared on my AIS […]