Admin Page for WordPress Plugin

I finally took an hour this evening to really sit and concentrate on getting the admin options page done for my WordPress Plugin (What Others Are Saying). It was the one final part to get done and I’m very chuffed to say I finally understand it all!

In the short term this means my plugin has been updated. You can grab that directly – download plugin. In the long term this means that I can start adding in pages/plugins of my own into WordPress for use with client work. At present any extra admin pages that a client may need to access have been created in their own section which means the client needs to go to a separate place for adding certain items such as products to their website. Whilst adding them in directly to WordPress is a bigger step, as it’s not a simple 4 field form, it does mean that I can start to make some things a little more manageable and keep everything under one roof for most of our work.

Now I’m just wondering what I can do next!

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