Meme 1 – Blog Improvement

Couple of Memes coming up. One I should have done weeks ago, the other I just got tagged on. So without further ado, here’s the first.

I was tagged by Josh for the Blog Improvement Zone Meme. So what can I improvement about my blogging and my blog?

  1. Since I’ve change the theme it’s had mixed comments so maybe I can improve by adding a theme switcher and perhaps throw a few in for good measure for people to switch between and use. Afterall, we all have our own tastes!
  2. Get back into my tutorial/article writing on PHP and WordPress. There’s still so much to write.
  3. Fix my trackbacks (I’m going to have a play this afternoon and see if I can fix them!).
  4. Not ignore my other blogs which are the ones that can potentially make a bit of extra income.
  5. Space my posts out and not do a stack all in one go and set them live all in one go!

Those are the main things on my mind. I’m going to try and fix my trackbacks today if I can work out why they don’t work. Something easy before I hit the road home 🙂

Few people to tag on this

Not because I think they need any improvements, but it’s always nice to know what people think of their own sites that they maybe don’t mention often. And you can always learn from other people in this situation.

3 Responses

  1. ses5909 says:

    I accept the challenge! It should be posted sometime this week.

  2. Thanks for taking part Sarah, better late than never 🙂

    I’m the worst techie in the world so unfortunately I can’t help you out with the trackback issue. I’ve never even seen a theme switcher, but it sounds like it would be pretty neat to test what theme your viewers like the most.

    #5 is somewhat of a good problem. Many people have trouble thinking of something good enough for one post. I’m usually pretty good with posting frequently and there are times when I have the same problem and I’ll post several all at once.

    Thanks again and good luck with everything. I’ll keep up with your blog.

  3. Sarah says:

    Hey Josh, sorry just found your post in Akismet. The trackback issue is really annoying me, but I’m not sure if it’s a wordpress 2.2+ issue as someone else mentioned they’ve got a similar problem. I’ll have to set up a clean install somewhere and just see how that reacts to a trackback/pingback.

    Theme switchers are pretty cool. I’ve been meaning to do a style switcher on my business site, a little showy I know, but it gives people an idea of how websites work these days, and lifts an otherwise static site. I’ll have to dig out a theme switcher plugin for this place. The only downside is if you update one theme you need to update the others for consistency!