Pingback/Trackback Fixing

I’ve been trying to fix my blog’s ability to receive and show pingbacks and trackbacks today. I’ve clean up the options table in the database, removed any tables from deactivated plugins, removed fields from deactivated plugins. However I cannot seem to work out why my trackbacks don’t work!

They’re set to be received in my options and I’ve double checked this in the database table. The pingback URL is referenced in every page’s HTML header source. When I upgrade WordPress I completely delete the old files and upload the new ones. I even wondered if it was because I change the comments script file to prevent so much spam, but I know others who have done this and still don’t have a problem.

So why won’t they work for me? 🙁

Maybe I’ll just have to reinstall WordPress and import my database in to that. But that’s the last resort right now.

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2 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    Same thing is happening on both of my blogs, Sarah. Despite having trackbacks enabled I just don’t get them. One of them is on a fresh install of WordPress 2.2.2 😕

  2. Sarah says:

    Maybe the newer versions have broken something and it’s not working all over? I’ll have to try it on a fresh install and see if work on that.

    Thanks for letting me know.