More Handy WordPress Plugins

Further to my Handy WordPress Plugins list, I thought I’d add a few more in that I’ve recently been using.

Page Link Manager
Allows you to tick or untick a box when adding a page, to control whether it’s displayed in the wp_list_pages() output. Replicates the ‘exclude’ parameter.
Page Order Manager
Easily lets you change the order of your pages instead of having to edit each individual page.
Admin Theme Preview
Lets you preview a different theme to the general public. Great for when you’re about to upgrade your design and want to make sure it’s all working before you set it live.
Bad Behaviour
Meant to stop the bad bots and spiders from accessing your site and eating up your bandwidth.
Page Update Notification
Allows people to subscribe to a particular page and to receive updates when that page is updated.

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2 Responses

  1. slee says:

    Why not set up a wordpress recommended plugins page on your site that people can subscribe to 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Could be an idea once I have 5 minutes to myself! 😉