New Camera – Canon EOS 400D

Oooo yes I’ve been buying today. I’d been pondering getting a Canon EOS 400D for a while as my Nikon Coolpix, whilst fantastic in my opinion, no longer gives me as much control as I know the 400D will. I did think about going for a Nikon DSLR as they use SD cards (and I have an SD card reader built into my laptop), plus I already understand Nikons, but as Dave has a Canon EOS 10D and a couple of lenses and things for that, I figured that I could get the 400D (a bit smaller than his so fine for my diddy little hands) but still borrow his kit if I needed to until I can add to my own.

I’ve got the camera body, a standard lens, UV filter, circular polariser, lens hood and tripod on its way to me. Plus I can borrow a 1GB compact flash card and camera bag from Dave until I find a decent bag that I want and he needs his flash card back. All I need to do now is await delivery (tomorrow morning) and learn how to use it 😀

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  1. Sarah says:

    Woohoo it’s arrived. Well the body and one filter did, the lens, circular polariser and lens hood were out of stock, however I’ve got a lens off Dave for now. Shame it’s decided to be heavy rain and gales today. Guess I’ll just start getting some shots of the new house instead 😉

  2. slee says:

    ohhhhh i am so jealous! i so want a Digital SLR

  3. Sarah says:


    Well I have a bit of work to send your way next week so maybe you can start saving the cash from that 😉

    This camera cost me £365 plus £50 cashback, plus £69 for the lens however you could get an older style lens for less in a bundle (works out to about £350 including the cashback).

  4. Todd Morris says:

    Congratulations, that’s a cool Camera. I’ve had a Canon 20D for about 3 years now. DSLRs take great pictures. The one thing to watch out for though … buying new lenses can quickly get addicting … and most “good” lenses cost more than you paid for the camera itself. 🙂

  5. Sarah says:

    Hi Todd, yeah I’ve seen the various lenses plus my other half bought a new one when I got my camera, and his lens cost more than everything I bought! At least I can borrow his 😀

    Cheers for stopping by.

  6. ses5909 says:

    oh cool! I think that is what I have (rebel xti). I do want to buy a ton of lenses, but todd is right, they cost so much, that is the only thing stopping me!

  7. Ramona says:

    I’d tell you how much I envy you, but I don’t think having an excellent camera would do the trick for me. I am a lousy photographer .. give me the best camera and I won’t be able to do anything with it .. uff.

  8. Will says:

    Nice! The 400D is what I was thinking of getting together with a nice wide-angle lens.

  9. Sarah says:

    Sara, yes it’s the rebel xti. The lenses will come slowly I guess, they are a bit costly!

    Ramona, I think it’s just about learning, how to use the camera, how to get the right shot, when to get it etc. Am pushed for time but later on I’ll post up a link to an excellent but small book on the subject.

    Will, I paid £365 (and will get £50 cashback) for the body and then a standard prime lens for £69, from Warehouse Express. The cashback only goes until the end of the year now so now is a good time to buy (if you have the cash of course!).

  10. Si Philp says:

    Nice little Christmas present for yourself there. 🙂

    So jealous. Looking foward to seeing some awesome pictures..

  11. Sarah says:

    Ramona, that book is written about here – Easy Photography (yes it’s my site still!!).

    Si, yep nice little christmas present and today was a beautiful, blue sky, amazing sunset day. Except I’ve been in a van most the day and couldn’t get out to get any shots!! Hopefully I’ll have a few to upload soon 🙂

  12. Rutty says:

    Nice! I also have the 400D – you won’t be disappointed at all, although it’ll take some getting used to.

    Remember – Aperture Priority is your friend. Leave that Auto setting alone! Plus look at your histograms to try and get a better gauge for correct exposure – the 400D tends to underexpose a bit at times and learning to use the exposure compensation will really help with your photos 😉

  13. Sarah says:

    Cheers for the tips. I’m still only half way through the manual but luckily Dave is now a walking camera book so he’s handy to have around 😉

    The histograms do look confusing at the moment however, but I’m sure I’ll get there 🙂

  14. Sam Hansen says:

    I intend to purchase the 400D in the next few weeks. It’s the #1 selling camera at the moment, and seems to have nothing but good raves about it so far.

  15. Gail Symes says:

    I’ve recently bought a Canon Eos 400D but I’m having difficulty with the RAW files.
    I need the Raw files to open in Photoshop. I can’t seem to download the image directly into Photoshop so use iPhoto (the image viewing software with my mac). If I drag the raw image out of iphoto to either the desktop or into Photoshop itself, it automatically converts it into a jpeg.
    Does anyone know how I can get Photoshop to keep the image as a RAW file? This might be a Photoshop question but thought a Canon user might have come across this problem and know the answer.

  16. Sarah says:

    Hi Gail. Opening a RAW file in Photoshop should trigger the Adobe Camera RAW which is a part of Photoshop (depending on the version you’re running). This will then allow you to do the usual RAW post processing ie. select the white balance, alter the exposure, sharpness etc. Once you’ve done your changes this should then allow you to save the basic changes. Anything more than this and you’ll need to manipulate directly in photoshop and save as a PSD or Tiff file, if you don’t want to lose quality through compression.

    Does the software that came with the camera not work on the Mac? That may be a better option to look at, or alternatively I highly recommend Adobe Lightroom.

  17. David says:

    Yep, as Sarah said, it does depend on which version of PS you have. I believe that ACR is available as a plugin for PS 7 and CS1, whereas it’s a part of CS 2 and CS 3.

    However, I couldn’t open the .cr2 raw files from a 400D in my version (CS 2) as it wasn’t up to date enough (the version of ACR in CS 3 will open .cr2 files though).

    If you have an earlier version of Photoshop than CS 3 you may have to get an updated version of the plugin.

    For Windows:

    For Mac:

    Make sure that you get the right version for your copy of PS.