Photography Gear

Yes I’ve been splurging a little for my new camera. Finally the lens I bought arrived the other day, with the hood following soon after. I decided not to bother with a kit lens and so bought an Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens which is so tiny and cute! (Yes I know, shouldn’t be calling lenses cute but nevermind). I’ve also bought the Lens Hood for it too. I’m still waiting for the Circular Polariser to come though. I’ve not had a chance to use either of these yet as we’ve been getting ready for Christmas whilst fitting in a million and one updates people want to their website! Cleary quiet in the office to everyone takes a look at their site instead!!

Yesterday, after being told it had been lost at the delivery depot (long story), my new tripod arrived too. I’ve not gone for an all singing all dancing one that costs more than a new TV, but for the money I think this is pretty good. It’s a CAMlink TP-2800 that extends to about 6ft (1.85m) in total, has a quick release plate that can stay attached to the camera, a couple of spirit levels and is pretty light to carry (however it does have a hook for adding a bag for weight to hold it down if necessary). For £17 you can’t complain really! Hopefully we’ll get a chance this weekend before the rain hits to give my new gear a tryout.

I’ve also opted to buy myself a book on the subject as there’s so much more to understand, and whilst practice is good I’d like to have a basic understanding too. Whilst Dave is a walking bible on the subject these days (well okay, not quite a bible but he’s getting there) I find it easier to read about these things, so I’ve just had Digital SLR Cameras & Photography for Dummies delivered. It should give me the basics and the Dummies books are usually pretty easy to read.

So, weather permitting, I’m sure we’ll be out and about next week getting a few photos and letting me get used to everything new 😀

2 Responses

  1. Si Philp says:

    Hi Sarah,
    You’ll need to let me know if the book is any good? Also good time of year to get to grips with your new camera 🙂

    Hope you have a nice Christmas.

  2. Sarah says:

    Will do Si. Hope to spend a bit of time next week out shooting some pics, weather permitting!

    Have a good Christmas yourself 🙂