Weekly Wrap Up

What another week it has been. Last week I mentioned our boiler had died on us and we had no central heating or hot water, besides boiling a kettle and an electric shower. Well, we still have no working boiler!! It’s only been the coldest week of the year, nothing serious…! The landlord called the gas man in who determined that the old boiler was pretty much on its last legs so on Friday it was arranged he would fit a new boiler. By Friday evening, everything had been done except there was a part missing. A pin of some sort. Of course, being this close to Christmas, no one is answering the phone and the smaller shops are starting to close for Christmas. We’ve survived the week with a halogen heater and oil filled radiator, plus a lot of additional expense on the electric meter. The one happy thought was that we could still have a hot shower… until yesterday when something blew in the shower and blew the casing apart! So our landlord has spent yesterday afternoon and most of today here trying to fix a new one on. After returning to the DIY shop twice, we now have an almost working shower (it works except the on/off button doesn’t so we have to use a screwdriver – hey it’s better than nothing!). Gotta say, it’s been a nightmare week to be honest!

Besides all that, we’ve just been busy with work, finishing off anything outstanding before Christmas as I have no plans to work next week, plus getting our Christmas shopping done, get the car MOT’d (it passed! it’s roadworthy for another year) and generally visit as many people with heating as possible to get warm! Still, my parents are coming up tomorrow. They’d have come today except it’s been thick fog and ice down south whilst we’ve had blue sky and sunshine today. Due to waiting on the shower we’ve missed the slot for Sunday shopping, however our main superstore is open from midnight so we’ll be there shopping, picking up the last few bits. Nothing essential for Christmas, just basic stuff to let us continue trying to move into our new home. Essentials needed for everyday living.

Mood Beam - Blue Today, after we’re cleaned and cleared up, I started playing with my new lens that came the other day (nicknamed the ‘plastic fantastic’ or the ‘nifty fifty’). Thanks to Lee, who bought me a gift voucher for Firebox, I’ve now got a Mood Beam. A cute little thing that lights up, and flash its light to music and can change colour. I’ve uploaded a few colours to my Flickr gallery. I also added one of our Christmas tree, plus a couple of the only flower on our Christmas cactus (below). The lens isn’t a macro lens but I think it did pretty well.

Christmas Cactus Anyway, that pretty much is it for the week. I won’t be posting much until towards the end of the week as my parents are here for a few days. Now that things are finally sorting themselves out, posting should be resumed to normal schedule on both blogs towards the end of the week. So have a good Christmas and eat plenty 😀

2 Responses

  1. Frank says:

    The mood beam is really cute, I wonder whether firebox delivers to Belgium as well. I might buy one for my little baby son. 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Hey Frank, sorry I missed replying to your comment! I don’t know if Firebox will deliver abroad but it’s always worth trying. Otherwise I’m sure you can get them elsewhere too 🙂