Personal Roundup 06/01/08

Perch Rock Fort and Lighthouse Happy New Year and all that jazz 😀 Welcome 2008! After 11 days off work it was hard to get back into the usual routine this week, despite only having 3 days of work! On Monday we booked our week away in Rome, and the rest of the day was pretty lazily spent. On New Years Day we also didn’t do too much at all.

Back to work on Wednesday, which I found myself doing up quotes and invoices, and sending off emails for half the day. Thankfully I ensured that we didn’t start the year to a shed load of work. In fact this month will be pretty quiet, besides my usual work and any updates that come in. It’s quite nice not to feel stressed for once!

Yesterday we took advantage of the bit of sun we finally got and headed off for the beach, which we now live just 10 minutes drive from. It was a bit cold in the wind, but a semi nice day none the less. It’s strange being on a virtually empty beach, and usually when we go there the tide is in whereas it was out, leaving an even larger, emptier beach.

Liverpool Waterfront After the sun had set and the light was getting too low for no-flash shots, we took a drive around to face the Liverpool Waterfront. We stopped by Seacombe ferry terminal, which has a ferry that crosses the Mersey over to Liverpool. This was my first outing with my tripod and my first attempt at night shots with my new camera. The spot where we took the photos was pretty good as I only had my 50mm lens on and got some pretty nice photos. I love night photos, being able to see the buildings, but all the coloured lights and reflections from the water just adds so much to the photo.

Today we took another walk out (all this exercise eh) up the hill behind us. The sun was out, the sky was blue (for a while). Got a few more nice photos, just need to convert them and upload them 🙂 All photos, as always, can be found on Flickr.