Weekly Roundup 03/02/2008

Statue on Castel Sant'Angelo Bridge Slowly getting back into the routine of work (very slowly…!) since getting back from Rome. Luckily we’d cleared virtually all of the outstanding work up before going so I didn’t have to return to deadlines and part done sites. To be honest I’m not interested in taking anything on for another few weeks, give me time to concentrate on my contract work and personal sites. It’s nice to feel relaxed for once. The first time in a long while I think!

I’ve finally made a start on processing the holiday photos and getting them added to Flickr. I’ve set up a collection for Rome photos, and I’ve done the first day so far! As you can see from the photos left and below, the weather was superb. It’s been quite a shock coming back to almost freezing and being on the edge of snowfalls.

We’re down at my parents at the moment, came down yesterday, as my Mum and I are off to see the Phantom of the Opera on Tuesday in the theatre in London. My brother and I bought her tickets to see it as I knew she’d wanted to see it for years. Figured it made a better christmas present than some dust gathering ornament. So it’ll be a morning of wandering the shops, lunch at a nice restaurant and then a couple of hours in the theatre. I’m looking forward to it 😀

Also down here means we can get out into a real garden and get some photos of the winter flowers that they’ve got growing, such as the snow drops, which are looking very pretty. Next on the shopping list is a macro lense, for now it’ll just have to be close ups with the nifty fifty.

Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome