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Update: You can now get access to a review pack which has one eBook action in for you to try before deciding to purchase the product. video tutorial too).nn

The 2D Layout

nn2D eBook Example First off was my eBook (just to point out, it’s only an example, I’ve not written one just yet!).nnFrom the initial template I changed the background colour of the spine and front cover, dug out an old stock photo, cropped and resized it and added it to the template, added in my text, added a little rectangle at the bottom (rectangle selection tool and the paint bucket for colouring), and then added the text for the spine and rotated it 90 degrees. Took about 5 minutes to put together and another 5 to choose a font! The thumbnail to the left shows the 2D version of the image when I’d finished. Pretty simple looking at present.nn


The Final eBook

nnRecipe eBook Example Then, after saving the flat version PSD, I ran the compile action, reflection action and finished the file off (this just crops off any additional white space), and that was all.nnThere are 4 eBook looks and you can use the same template with all of them, so you don’t have to recreate your 2D eBook image every time. I recommend clicking the thumbnail on the left and seeing the final version to see just how good the final result actually is.nn


CD Graphic

nnCD Example I thought I’d go for something less obvious for my second example, plus I wanted to see how it’d come out! I grabbed one of my own photos and pasted it onto the CD template, added in a bit of text (and played with the arching) and again, a quick compile and I’ve got an almost life-like look of a potential software CD.nnSelling products is a great way to make income along with giving you full control of the sales and marketing. Giving your products a graphical look gives people a better and more realistic impression of your product. It looks more real than just a link. Going from experience, I’ve sold more eBooks using a simple eBook graphic with the name and author on the front than without. So if you do sell any type of digital products, or perhaps are a designer or developer with a client that maybe sells software or digital products, then honestly this suite will save you time and effort.nnHowever, why not just watch one of the tutorials that come with the product, and you can see how simple and straightforward this product is – Video Tutorial – Creating an eCover.nnFor more information, and the main sales page then you can visit the site at DIY Covers. The price? Just $97 (GBP49) $67 (GBP34) as a special offer price to readers of this site (The link for this special offer is at the end of this post. Don’t purchase via the main site else you’ll be charged $97!). The offer is for a limited time and is accessible via the sales link below. Whilst we’re on the subject of costs, we also have 300+ templates available for purchase as well, at just £7/$15 for the lot. Only available on purchase of the suite of actions, this bundle will give you plenty of professional looking templates to modify and then compile to suit your products, making your cover creation even simpler.nnYou can now request a copy of the review pack which contains one eBook action along with the tutorial files to give this product a try before purchasing. To request this review pack contact me and I’ll send you a free download link for the pack. To buy this suite use the DIY Covers – Special Offer link. For further information, examples and screen shots of the suite in action, visit the website DIY Covers.nnPayments are taken via PayPal and product download is instant with Secure Delivery. There’s a helpdesk available for any support required too. So what are you waiting for? ;)nn

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  1. Very nice product Sarah, I think this will sell very well given the right promotion. Good luck with it 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Cheers ODAD 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    We’re now offering an affiliate scheme too – Further information.

  4. Sarah says:

    Deron has written up a DIY Covers review from his own point of view. Worth a read 🙂

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