Roundup 10/02/2008

Crocuses The sun has been shining, is spring already in the air? I got a shot of these colourful crocuses in my parent’s garden on Wednesday. I personally think the colours are just amazing.

So last weekend we had headed down to my parents on the Saturday. The main reason was because on Tuesday my Mum and I went up to London to see Phantom of the Opera. We had bought her tickets as I’d run out of ideas of what to buy her and knew she’d wanted to always see it. So we spent a couple of hours looking around the shops, picked up a few things, and then headed to Leicester Square for lunch. The theatre was just around the corner so we didn’t have far to walk after that. The production was pretty good. Opera isn’t really my thing and whilst it wasn’t hardcore opera, there were still elements of it in there, singing when they could just talk for example. However I knew a couple of the songs and, despite not being an opera lover, the actors were amazing singers. But, the main point of going was for my Mum and she enjoyed it, so that was good. However Mamma Mia is next on the agenda (more my thing!).

We drove back on Wednesday, but not before I’d grabbed a few photos of their flowers. This made me all the more decided on getting a macro lens for my camera once I can afford it. I want to get the Canon 100mm Macro which is meant to be very good. It’ll also give me a 100mm focus range for more of a zoom for non-macro photos too, which will be handy too.

This week also saw the launch of a new site, DIY Covers, which is a partnership with a couple of other online contacts to sell a suite of photoshop actions that allow you to easily create graphical covers for eBooks, software boxes etc. My AIS blog has a more in-depth post on it – announcing DIY Covers. Hopefully we can get a few steady sales in with this which will all start to contribute to the savings for a deposit on buying a house.

Yes, we’ve decided to seriously think about buying somewhere to live in the summer/autumn of this year. The house we’re currently in is damp (equals mould on the walls), the garden isn’t in a great state and the landlord isn’t overly concerned over other small issues in the house. Plus I’ve had a look around and a 3 bedroom house around here is quite affordable for us, so come April we’ll be finding out our options with an advisor and see what we can do about getting on the property ladder!

Ant on the brick On Friday I had a Close up +10 filter delivered to fit my 50mm lens on my camera. Mainly to give me a cheaper macro solution for now and also something that I could potentially hand hold as the lens I want is going to be about the same weight as my camera and will need a tripod. I realise macro work should always be done with a tripod but there are just occasions when you don’t have that option so hopefully this will give me an alternatively. It’s quite a strange experience going from seeing everything to having such small area of focus. I tried a few shots outside however the light was quite low and so most were too blurred, although I figured the ant shots I got were almost okay, especially as you can see the eye of the ant! Annoying it just didn’t stay still. However it’s something new to practise with.