Personal Stuff 13/04/08

Above West Kirby, Wirral, England Spring is in the air! Well it is April. The snow has finally stopped (for the time being) and it’s really starting to feel like spring. We went out yesterday afternoon and grabbed a few shots of the glorious beach and weather around the coast. Not to mention a half asleep bumble bee (see below).

It’s been a bit of a lazy week this week (lazy in that we’ve not really gone out besides shopping). However on Friday my new toy in the shape of a Nintendo Wii arrived. I’d decided just before Christmas that I wanted to get one, not for playing games as such but to get a little bit of exercise with, and something a bit more interactive than jogging on a trampette or following some fitness DVD. I’ve just got the bare basics of Wii Sports, however the new Wii Fit sounds pretty good too. Of course, it’s no replacement for fresh air and outdoors exercise, but it’s a fun way to get a little more exercise into our lives! Although after a stint on the tennis and boxing I was worn out on Friday night!

Bee on Gorse Bush Flower On Thursday I also got taken on as a new author over at Blogging Tips. I’m writing once a week on a Sunday for them, about advanced WordPress such as template tags, coding and plugin creation. My first post has gone live – Understanding the WordPress Template Hierarchy. I’ve worked out that I need to write a few intermediate type posts, before I can go any more advanced, else I won’t have anything to refer people to if they don’t understand bits! Anyway, would love any suggestions on advanced topics I could write on. I have about 2 months worth already worked out but knowing what others would find of interest is always handy.

5 Responses

  1. Will says:

    Have fun with your Wii! I had a brief try at a friend’s house and it certainly didn’t take long to work up a sweat. Don’t forget to warm up!

    I see you captured some of the great cloud formations this weekend. Wasn’t the weather was fantastic for outdoor photography? I was quad biking on Saturday for my brother-in-law’s birthday, which would have made for some great photos, but unfortunately taking part and taking shots didn’t really blend that well. That and all the flying mud!

    Congrats on becoming an author on Blogging Tips.

  2. Adam Dempsey says:

    I think I’m overdue a Wii break one evening this week, no laptop, just Excite Truck I think!

    I liked the post you did on Blogging Tips! look forward to reading your future posts there too!

  3. Sarah says:

    Will, the weekend weather was great definitely. Quad biking sounds like fun but yeah shooting whilst taking part wouldn’t be safe for the camera!

    Adam, glad you liked the post 🙂 and yeah, take that evening off!

  4. ses5909 says:

    great shots as usual! Congrats on the Blogging Tips gig!

  5. Sarah says:

    Thanks Sara, long time no see around here 🙂 Hope the new job is going well.