Personal Roundup 20/04/08

Owwww I ache! An afternoon of Dave and I playing baseball on the Wii and my arms are aching and I’ve done something to my back (exercise is what I’ve done!). However, aches and pains aside, must admit I’m having fun with my new exercise toy. I’ve also preordered the new Wii Fit which I should hopefully get in a weeks time.

This week otherwise has pretty much been work, work and more work. Despite that I don’t feel like I’ve got much done at all! We’re currently working on updating a couple of client sites and making some final updates to a client’s new site before it goes live. I’ve also done a little work on our new WordPress plugins site, trying out the WP eCommerce plugin and working out how I can deal with the pricing structure.

We took a walk up the hill behind where we live on Monday evening and witnessed a fantastic sunset. Sitting and watching something like that makes you forget all your worries that’s for sure. This week a few of my chilli seeds have also started to germinate and seedlings have popped up. Plus my two tomato plants are almost forming flowers which means it’ll soon be time to put up my tomato greenhouse and get them outdoors, leaving more space on the kitchen window sill for the chill plants, when they’re ready to be repotted.

However I’m now absolutely shattered. I think I need another holiday! 😉

6 Responses

  1. knupnet says:

    WII is awesome! I think that wii fitness will be great as well. I’m a big fan of bowling and olympics 🙂

  2. Si Philp says:

    and here was me thinking you’d have fired up north for a bit of skiing……
    My mate has a wii, about 3 weeks ago we ended up playing tennis for about 3 hours. Think it was the beer that helped us to keep going but the next day I felt it, beer and muscles lol.

  3. Sarah says:

    Si, no ski clothes or equipment here unfortunately. Plus I don’t have the money to spare right now unfortunately (the Wii is on credit so isn’t technically paid for yet!).

    Did you hit the slopes in the end?

  4. Si Philp says:

    Going tomorrow 🙂
    No uplift on the slopes today due to high winds so am hoping tomorrow will be alright. We’ve got a bit of a petrol crisis going on up here too which has added to the complications…

  5. Sarah says:

    Sounds great. Am jealous. I put a few old photos from Austria up on Flickr today and just sat staring at them for a while. Good old memories there!

    Have fun tomorrow, should be good weather so hopefully it’s a good day for you 🙂

  6. Bob says:

    Ahhh WII, chili pepper seeds and tomatoes for the green house. Sounds to me you got it made. I might try the Wii thing myself. Life is good isn’t it!