First Macro Photos

Purple Flower I managed to grab a quick half an hour this evening to try out my new tripod and macro lens. The tripod is great however I’ll be buying a mini or micro ball head to go on it. Whilst you don’t need one, I’d like a quick release plate as it’d be so much handier. However it’s sturdy and easily supports my camera and new lens (which weigh around 1.1kg together).

I managed to find a few interesting shots to take. Unfortunately the better flowers are around the front of the house, but I didn’t fancy advertising my camera gear to anyone passing by. Luckily the flowers on the herbs are starting to come out which made for a couple of interesting photos, but my favourite (and sharpest) photo is of the purple flower above. This is off a weed (they seem to make the best flowers!) that I spotted.

The result from this lens however is amazing. I saw a tiny little insect sitting on a strawberry plant leaf and did my best to try and focus in on it and take some shots. I’m not sure if the insect was dead or alive (possibly asleep), as it didn’t move, but a slight breeze made the leaf tremor every so often, plus I’m still working on the sharp focusing. However the detail that this little black bug had (as you can see below) is just amazing. Whilst I’m not an insect fan, and hate even looking at spiders, the detail that you can see from this lens is just fantastic. Hopefully we’ll have some good weather to go out on the weekend and grab some more shots further afield than the garden!

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4 Responses

  1. XLOR says:

    What an awful insect…bbbbrrrrr

  2. Sarah says:

    Awww I think it was dead to be honest as it didn’t move at all. Either that or asleep.

    I don’t like insects but close up photos of them (with the exception of spiders!) are fascinating, I love the detail you see via the camera that you just can’t see normally.

  3. Nice macro of the insect in the flower…looks so much greater on large (in Flickr).

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