Earnings for May 08

May earnings were pretty good, mainly due to the first sales of my commercial plugins. The total income for the month was $374 which almost works out evenly between advertising (link sales), AdSense and product sales. Not a bad turn around from last year where about 75% of our income was from AdSense, which is never desirable.

This is a step in the right direction of increasing our monthly income, now all we need is the exchange rate to sort itself out and our dollars earned will be worth more! There’s always hope!

I’ve yet to finalise the current cash balance, however we’ve cleared over £127 at least, so we’ve hit the monthly target yet again.

11 Responses

  1. Suresh Kumar says:

    I appreciate your hard work. i wish you a great success for your income

  2. Will says:

    Well done on the earnings!nnI may have missed it, but have you dropped a plug for your plugin site on your blogs?

  3. Sarah says:

    Cheers Will. I’ve mentioned the new site on my other blog but it’s not live yet so there’s no link to be found yet 🙂

  4. Will says:

    Ah! I thought the plugin sales were through the site.

  5. Kevin says:

    Congrats Sarah. Looking forward to seeing your plugin site 🙂

  6. Sarah says:

    Cheers Kevin. Plugin site is coming along nicely, design’s almost integrated so that just leaves the content and subscriber’s area. Shouldn’t be long now, just been bogged down heavily by work this past week :(nnI also found another $30 of earnings that I’d missed, so that means we actually topped $400 this month, the most successful month so far!

  7. Behrad says:

    Congrats Sarah. I’m very curious about the plugin…nnI’ve tried to make money online but that didn’t work for me and all I’ve earned is not even $5! So no success for me! :p

  8. Sarah says:

    Behrad, if one thing doesn’t work, try something else 🙂 AdSense is an easy way to make a bit of money, product selling and reselling is where it’s at though. There are plenty of affiliate sites out there too which can net you a nice little earner. Amazon is a good one, although they’ve restricted it a fair bit from how it was originally, but a friend of mine is making around £100/$200 a month off a site running an Amazon powered store.

  9. Behrad says:

    I know. I’ve triedn- Adsensen- ProjectWonderfuln- Konteranand I wanted to try Text Link Ads but they declined me at that time and since then I’ve heard nothing from it..nnAmazon is a great suggestion, didn’t think of that actually. Going to see how it all works!

  10. Goran Giertz says:

    What site do you use to sell your plugins, there is no call to action on this blog that drives traffic to read about the benefits of your plugins.

  11. Sarah says:

    @Behrad – good luck on the Amazon. Also take a look at Tradedoubler too as that has some great affiliate programs.nn@Goran – The site isn’t live yet. When it is it’ll be posted about 😉