Roundup 06/07/08

Sunset over Lake Windermere Ooo what a cool date (note my dates are in the UK version of Day/Month/Year, in case that wasn’t already obvious!). So we’re into the first week of the second half of the year. Where does the time go?! This week hasn’t been so great. On Tuesday evening I started to suffer with a pain in the lower right of my back. I’ve had this before, sometimes a minor twinge, but 2.5 years ago I had a kidney infection which caused just as much, if not more pain. Obviously my main concern is always something like this happening again. On Wednesday I woke up in even more pain and by lunchtime I had to go back to bed as I just couldn’t sit in my desk chair. Luckily the tennis was pretty good on TV! Thursday morning the pain didn’t seem so bad so I assumed that it was possibly just a strained muscle (yes I guess there’s a muscle there somewhere!) and managed to work until early afternoon, but then again I’d pushed it and the pain was worse again. However the pain has lessened each day so I can only assume it is a strain.

Fireworks, Bowness Besides that, I’ve managed to get through a few more photos and get my photos from our weekend to the Lake District up on Flickr. Whilst we were there they had this WoW Factor event on (WoW – Windermere on Water) which involved some french street artists hoisted up on a crane above the crowds and a fireworks show.

This week I also got my contract renewed with my mobile phone supplier, and got a new phone in the form of the Nokia E65. It’s not a new phone (It was out about 15-18 months ago) but the difference between this and my old Nokia N73 is that it has WiFi so I can use it to check email and connect to the web for free when at home or near a free WiFi hotspot. I had wanted to get the N95 but the ‘contribution’ was going to be £170 which I wasn’t prepared to pay. I probably should have argued over it, seeing as new customers get it and a better deal on their minutes etc for free, trouble is I don’t need any extra minutes as I don’t use the ones I have! Still, the phone does what I need it to do, make calls and check my email. When I was stuck in bed I was also using it to read through a website on jQuery, making my own notes. Obviously I can also go to Google Reader on it, along with other mobile enabled sites.

So not a very eventful week really. I’ve barely moved much!

2 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    Im just abut to get rid of my e65. Cracking phone though.

    Only problems I have had with it, after 16 months, is that the fake leather crap is peeling off, and now I cant talk on it unless on BT or loud speaker, but I think thats my fault when Ive dropped it or something

    Im up for a N96 next month 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    N96? Not seen that one yet. The E65 however has been pretty cool. It’s handy that it can check email for me, especially during lunch or when I shut my computer down. Annoyingly though it takes a micro SD card and my N73 had a mini one, so I’ve had to buy another, but they’re not expensive so it’s not so much of an issue.

    I’m going to install a bit of software, Google maps etc on it once the card arrives, see how that fares.

    My only gripe I think is the size of the screen, as the N95 looked a lot bigger, but it’s not a big issue.