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Heh, was it ever here? Okay, it's not been that bad I guess, at least not as bad as last year. Our best week of sunshine was actually in January, when we went to Rome! However, it's probably not so bad as I'd have hated having to spend all of my time indoors working, when the sun was out, so I guess it's worked out okay. I just wish the sun would come back for the weekends (if only we could control it that easily!).

Business is still very busy, however I'm finally getting a little more organised on projects and have got a bit of breathing space which is definitely needed. At the moment I need to leave the house to get away from everything, which isn't really a good position to be in! However, this past weekend was a long weekend here in the UK with yesterday being a bank holiday, so we took the opportunity to go away and visit various friends, all of which have just had new babies. The weather wasn't too bad and it didn't rain until we were heading home.

The garden's been going pretty well this year considering the weather. We've had a few tomatoes already, with more ready for picking. I've got a lot of lettuce on the go, plus a few courgettes ready for picking with more to come. The chilli plants are all doing well too, so that'll keep Dave happy! I've also acquired an aubergine plant and a pot with some fine bean plants in. Not sure if I'll get anything out of either of these but it's worth trying! Everything I've got growing is in pots still, besides one chilli plant, which I found a space for and put it in. I'm yearning for my own garden to be digging up and expanding all the plants into, but I'm not prepared to put the time in at the place we're at, which we want to move away from when we can. We've got a few ideas for a potential house buying option so we need to look into these when we've got the time.

My back, which I wrote about last month, has been fine now. After trying everything I could think of (for free, chiropracters are a little out of my price range!) I realised that I'd been sitting awkwardly when at the computer and when downstairs, watching TV. Clearly after months of putting my feet up to the left of me had taken their toll and the pain in my back exploded. Once I stopped doing this, about 48 hours later the pain had pretty much gone! I'm glad the pain has gone now but am frustrated that I caused it in the first place! I'm certainly more conscious of how I'm sitting now. Thankfully I can get back to playing on the Wii and using my Wii Fit now!

So, that's a bit of a round up. I'm off to cook dinner and play some tennis!

I'll be back to normal soon!nnOh and another $450 month last month :D

Yep, still busy here, but getting through it all slowly. In the mean time any WordPress users out there may be interested in my latest posts for I decided that I wanted to see how the new Gallery feature worked in WordPress, along with displaying the EXIF data of the photo(s) uploaded, in part because it's useful to know, and also because I'm setting up my own gallery of favourite shots with a bit more info on each. A bit of a photoblog but not just the typical 1 photo a day, more a selection of galleries and posts mainly on photography and various events with good photo opportunities.

Anyway, since version WordPress 2.5 was released, a gallery feature has been available, but the WordPress Codex doesn't really go into detail about how to use it, so after a fair bit of research and playing, I've created my own how to posts on using it. I hope it's perhaps of use or interest to others too.