Personal Update and Bird Photography

Barn Owl It’s still pretty busy here workwise. As one thing starts to come to an end and the stress eases off, 2 or 3 more jobs come along to just escalate it to another high! Next week is going to be a bit of a nightmare for work as clients have left things too late and seem to expect me to just work 24 hours plus invent a few more hours into the day to get everything they need done in time.

So this week was welcomed as we were going away on Wednesday for a few days break plus a visit to a county show that’s only on once a year (so not something you could reschedule!). Despite all the bad weather we’ve suffered in recent weeks, also resulting in the cancellation of another country show we were due to go to 2 weeks ago, on the day of the show the sun was shining and the weather quite warm! Actually it’s been the first time in years where I’ve been to the show and it’s not rained! Of course we took our cameras along, just in case there was anything good to snap.

Barn Owl In Flight After a bit of wondering around I spotted that the falconry show had started in one of the arenas so made a beeline for that! I managed to get a few good shots of a gorgeous and cute barn owl, one of which was whilst it was in flight. They also brought a Falcon out, which decided that it didn’t want to fly, and an Eagle. All my photos from the day can be seen in my Flickr Set.

We’ve now got 2.5 weeks of solid work and then we’re off to Dublin for a short break, which should keep us going then until Christmas 🙂