Bit of an Update – Autumn’s Here!

Yes, the autumn is here, the heating is on! Things have been pretty busy over the past two weeks. Work is still very busy, and my half year profits show an almost 50% increase on last year, which is, of course, good to see considering the whole credit crunch and the way a lot of businesses seem to be suffering. I also finally managed to understand and use Subversion and have finally got my first WordPress plugin into the WordPress plugin repository! I’ve had the alotted space available for a few months but just couldn’t work out how to add my plugin, however after a bit of searching I came across some instructions that made it all clear. Once I got my first plugin online, I immediately requested to add my new Page Menu Editor plugin to the repository as well. 24-48 hours later and that was in too 🙂

Last week we both went back to school. We decided to enrol on the Spanish for absolute beginniners evening course, which is held about 5 minutes around the corner from us. As we want to go to a few various countries that use Spanish, we figured it was a good idea, plus it gets us out the house one evening a week. We’ve had 2 lessons so far and it’s an 11 week course. Hopefully we can then continue on to the standard beginners course and maybe take it a little further. The Spanish we’ve learnt so far is quite similar to Italian too (with them both being derived from Latin it’s not a surprise) so that’s always handy too 🙂

QE2 Docked in Liverpool Then on Friday we finished work early (well if you can call 5pm early!) and drove over to besides the Mersey as the QE2 Cruiseliner had docked in Liverpool for the day and was then due to do a quick tour of Britain before traveling out to Dubai where it’s going to become a hotel and casino. I’ve never seen the QE2 before so it was literally the last chance to see it. Of course we took a few photos of it during the day, and also returned later on to get some shots in the dark before it left at 10pm. You can see all of the photos I took on Flickr. I’ve also been trying to finish my Photography blog off, and just need to finish off adding some more photos and content, however that should be finished off soon 🙂