Recommended Plugins for a WP CMS

Last week I explained how to start configuring WordPress as a CMS. Next step is to add some plugins to give yourself more control over the site.

To add a plugin to your site you need to connect to your site via FTP. Plugins should then be placed in the following folder path /blogdirectory/wp-content/plugins/ and you should either store the single plugin file in the plugins directory or at the very most, you can have the plugin file(s) within a directory within the plugins directory eg.


Otherwise, the plugin won’t work 🙂

WordPress CMS Plugins

This list is by no means comprehensive, but it does contain the main plugins which I recommend for any CMS to be using. Of course, each individual site will have their own requirements.

All in One SEO Pack
This will allow you to set your page title, meta description and keywords for each page.
Page Link Manager
Allows you to select whether the page appears in the automated page navigation.
Page Menu Editor
Allows you to set the anchor text and title attribute text of your page links.
Sitemap Generator
Generates a standard sitemap for your site.
XML Sitemap Generator
Generates an XML sitemap to submit to search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Of course, there are plenty more plugins that can be installed, the above are just those that I think should be on any WP CMS regardless of what the site is going to be for.

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10 Responses

  1. Ashfame says:

    I have been here for the first time. I have never heard of Page Link Manager (good that you have shared it), I learned from NETTUTS to how to do that with coding in PHP.

    I was thinking of learning PHP but I am too busy and sometimes lazy too to learn it in one go. I already have decent interest in programming so I was wondering if someone can teach me it like a crash course but I think I might try your PHP series post.


  2. slee says:

    i would also include cforms, Themed Login and Register and Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu.

    I am looking forward to wp 2.7 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    Hi Slee,

    I would use a page template for a contact form rather than a plugin with more features than I’d ever need. The themed login is not really what a strictly CMS site would essentially need, plus 2.7 will not need admin menus of any flavour (and it’s due out in about 2 weeks).

    I’m just writing about setting up WP to work well as a CMS and focusing on how the front end comes across, not explaining how to use the admin – that’s already been explained in previous posts 😉

    Add those to my standard essential WP plugin posts by all means of course!

  4. slee says:

    i knew you would say that about the contact page but i thought it might be useful for others 🙂 you are right though i wish there was a simpler contact page plugin that allows you to build your own forms. the cforms plugin is a bit overkill.

  5. james says:

    Does anyone know which one is better, all in one seo pack or seo master plugins? Because I’m confuse. Somebody said that seo master is more advanced. Anybody suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks.

  6. Sarah says:

    Hi James, sorry I’ve never used or heard of the SEO Master plugin. I’ll have to have a search for it and see what extras it does for you and let you know 🙂

  7. That Page Link Manager appears to be what I was looking for a bit back that I took care of by using a different procedure. I may end up using this for the item as it looks to be more appropriate for handling page viewability.

  8. Hi Sarah,
    Just wanted to congratulate you on providing a site that is informative, but still allows for ‘PHP virgins’ like me. I will stop gloating now, about having mastered basic html. Have started looking at some of your info about PHP and you put it accross very well
    I’ve sent you an email through your contact details..
    Warm Regards


  9. Sarah says:

    Hi Andrew, glad you like the site and hope you can learn off it 🙂 Be sure to ask any questions if you get stuck on anything 🙂

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