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Just a brief update as it’s been pretty mad round here lately. I’m now working about 60 hours a week trying to get all of my work cleared before Christmas, and people still want more done! I thought the UK, in fact half the world, was suffering a credit crunch, or maybe it’s more a case of businesses now turning to their website and the Internet as a way to make more profit with less costs. Let’s face it, if you do it right you can run a business straight off a site without the need for the overheads of a shop or premises. Still, it keeps us in business so whilst I’m exceptionally busy I know to be thankful that we have enough work coming in for both of us.

I have taken 5 minutes out however to redo my Blogging Tips Posts page, so that it’s now split into the different subjects that I write on there. The latest two posts are also listed below my recent posts on my sidebar over there ->

I’ve set up a simple database table to hold this info in and when I have time I’ll set this up as a plugin as it may be of use to others who write guest posts for various sites, or perhaps writes on a couple of other sites and wants to highlight those posts on their own blog.

So at present it’s just work, work and more work. I will try and get back to getting on course with my WordPress CMS posts this week and try and grab an hour or two on Sunday to write a few for the forthcoming weeks.

5 Responses

  1. Will says:

    Don’t work yourself ill, Sarah! You don’t want to get your back started again especially with Christmas just around the corner.

    I’d like to think that my long days of long hours were behind me, but I know sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. Just don’t forget to eat, drink, and sleep!

  2. Chuck Staff says:

    Not much different here in sleepy Charlottesville, Virginia, USA (home of UVA & Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello)… University town and EVERYone wants it done before the holiday break!

    Only so many hours in the day…

    Each day I need to remind myself of my priorities lest I get totally stressed-out. Family first and everything else comes next!

  3. Sarah says:

    Cheers Will. My back was the result of how I sat at the desk, so that’s not been an issue since I’ve removed all the obstacles from under it.

    I’ve got the option of working too much or stressing too much, so if I work enough the stress will go quicker!

    It’d be alright if people were forthcoming with the content and files I need to get things done!

  4. Dennis Edell says:

    Hey Sarah, I just read your latest CSS post on BloggingTips and have now subscribed here; great stuff!

  5. Sarah says:

    Hey Dennis, glad you liked the CSS post, hope you like my site 🙂