Upgraded to WordPress RC1

WordPress 2.7 RC1 was released earlier this week, and this was the stage at which I was happy to upgrade this site to the new version. It’s been a hard wait as I’ve had the beta version of 2.7 running on some smaller sites and also on my local install. Having to return back to 2.6.X version on my own site has been frustrating! However, finally I’ve upgraded, and uploaded my updated theme files to make use of the new features.

Most of it has gone pretty smoothly. I’ve not only updated to use the new comment pagination (after 25 comments, which is a rarity on my posts!), but I’ve also still kept my own comment styling and markup, using the comment callback function.

I have spotted a couple of issues or concerns however, but I’m not sure if this is down to the code I’ve used, so I’ll be checking on these more in depth first.

The first is the comment count using the comments_number() tag. I noticed when I first added my updated theme files that one the post I happened to check, there was one comment displaying however the count said 2. On further investigation I did have a second comment on the post but it was unmoderated. Obviously not the outcome I’d prefer, as sometimes I just don’t have a chance, or forget to moderate comments, so it would be confusing to some to see perhaps a heading of ‘4 Responses’ yet only one displayed!

The second issue, or not really an issue but a strange finding, is that in the callback function you effectively rewrite your comment markup. You start with a list item so essentially you should finish with a list item. On the codex page for the wp_list_comments() tag, the callback function example has the closing list item tag, however, when you use this code in your theme, you actually get two closing list items. It looks like the template tag automatically adds the closing list item regardless of what you use. Obviously this is strange behaviour as it’s assuming that you’re using a list for your comments (which you should, but plenty of themes out there don’t), and it leaves you with incomplete code in your function, which is not usually the case.

Hopefully the first issue mentioned will be fixed before the final release, and the second is more a case of whether it’s considered normal behaviour or not. To me it isn’t, and who ever wrote the codex page thought it wasn’t either, but perhaps to the WordPress developers it’s how it should be!

However, they’re only minor issues, and the advantages and beauty of WordPress 2.7 far outweights those that’s for sure.

All I’m now waiting for is the release of WordPress MU 2.7 for a couple of sites!

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5 Responses

  1. Dennis Edell says:

    It all sounds very confusing, but I’m waiting it out until the final version is released.

  2. Sarah says:

    It’s not as bad as it sounds! Just upgrading to the latest version won’t cause things to stop working. I just mentioned a couple of issues I came across with updating my theme – which of course is not a necessity 🙂

  3. Mark Antony says:

    It’s a good update, only slight drawback I’ve noted so far is it seems to take longer to upload media files to posts.

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