Mad Times

It’s been just work, work, work lately. Christmas is creeping up so quickly, I just don’t know where the time has gone this year.

A quick wrap up of what’s been happening:

WordPress 2.7 was finally released this week, and not a moment too soon. WP 2.7 is the best version yet, the admin is beautiful and the features are great.

We finally took a day off work (on an exceptionally cold but sunny day) and got to the zoo, something we’d been planning to do since October. It was all worth it when I got to see what I went for – the new lion cub. I could have just stood and watched him for hours!

Work has continued to be busy, which is obviously good from a credit crunch / recession point of view. I’m just a tad bit tired and need a break! However, come Friday I’ll be stopping work (well client work) for Christmas, and certainly can’t wait! Although I seem to be arranging to sort out so much stuff over Christmas that I’ll probably be busier than ever!

I won a competition the other week and got a premium WordPress template for free, so I need to get around to injecting my own personality into that, plus the 2.7 code (yes another job for Christmas). So I’ll be updating the design of this site soon.

Both Dave and I won a bit of cash off the forum competition, so we put our winnings together and put it towards a new Sigma 10-20mm camera lens. I’ve not had a chance to get any shots with it yet, however I hope to have a play next week and see what I can capture.

I’ve been eying up Sam’s iPhone with a major amount of jealousy! Frustratingly, I’ve got over a year left on my current contract (yes the one that had no improvement on it whatsoever!). I’m quite tempted to take on a second contract just to get the iPhone, and use that for business, then keep my other for personal for the time being until the contract runs out. But I do keep trying to tell myself to just wait!

And I’ve finally got Family Ski (We Ski) for the Wii, a bit of an early christmas present off Dave. It’s not as good as the real thing, but it’s good fun anyway. I’ve only spent about half an hour on it due to lack of time, but it’s quite surreal shussing down, round the trails and paths, avoiding the silly people standing having a chat on the slopes (it’s just like real life!).

However, hopefully I can take a long weekend here and there next year and get up to Scotland to do the real thing 😀

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6 Responses

  1. Kevin says:

    I wasn’t overly impressed with the iphone when it came out as there were a lot of other phones out with much better features (the camera isn’t too great). However, after playing around with my friends iphone it really grew on me.

    It’s still expensive and I’m still not convinced about a phone without some hard keys for typing but when my contract is up next year I’ll definately consider getting one. 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    The camera on my current phone is really bad, with a slight green tinge on everything. I’ve taken to always carrying my compact where ever I go. Of course my DSLR is best but it doesn’t fit in my pocket!

    I’ve not actually had a go of the iPhone but it sounds and looks nice. I think I’d make use of most the other features, plus, from what I’ve seen, it comes with unlimited internet access which would be useful when I’m out and about.

    But yes, it’s still pretty expensive, however as I don’t own an up-to-date digital music player (with the exception of my phone!), I could probably justify a bit of additional cost for the music playing side of it.

  3. Sam says:

    Cheers for giving my iPhone a mention – it was great to see this post in my trackbacks after all the hassle in getting them to work 😀

    The iPhone handset payment of £99 wasn’t really the hard thing for me, it was the £35 a month contract I had to get my head around. I had paid £130 for my Windows Mobile phone a couple of years before but the £15 a month tariff I was on got me very comfy. But, since having the iPhone I just can’t understand why I waited so long. It’s worth every penny of the monthly contract now.

    As you say, the unlimited internet access is very handy. It’s so great when you’re out and about and you hear the new mail notification in your pocket! The introduction of the App Store aswell just makes the iPhone the gift that keeps on giving. I’ve never had a gadget that has totally curbed my gadget lust before – it feels very weird, but my bank balance certainly enjoys it 😉

    Sounds like the Christmas break can’t come quick enough for you, to give you a rest from all the work. Are you spending Christmas at home or heading to your Mum and Dad’s this year?

    • Sarah says:

      No problem Sam. It was a bit of a trackback test, but still worthy of a link 🙂

      £35 a month isn’t a problem to me. I already pay that plus £5 a month friends/family and insurance (which I’m going to cancel as this E65 isn’t work £7 a month insurance!). I used to pay £50 a month and didn’t think much to it. I think it was the £400 monthly bills in Austria that were a concern! Still, none of that impressed Vodaphone enough to keep me… ack I’ll stop complaining now else I’ll just keep on!

      I think both Dave and I are going to switch to iPhones when we can. As I mentioned, I don’t have an iPod of any flavour, so £100 is less than the cost of an iPod, and there’s more to it. The contract is of no difference. Yes, you’re now probably wondering why didn’t I just get one in July. I am too…!

      We’re off to my parent’s on Friday for a week, so besides critical problems, I’m on holiday finally. In theory I’m planning to be on holiday the following week too, to give us time to get other things sorted out and to just chill out a bit but I may have to work (however it’ll be charged for at a 50% increase if I do!). So just counting down the days until Friday 🙂

  4. Sam says:

    Good grief, £400 monthly bills? I’m surprised Vodafone didn’t lay out the red carpet for you to go and pick and choose any phone you wanted!

    Hope you manage to get a week or two of calm. This is the first Christmas that I am actually looking forward to. Not the day itself or the gifts, but just for the week or two of no thinking/worrying/stressing…theoretically anyway! I still think I’ll be on tenterhooks until Christmas Eve until I know it’s safe to relax 😉

  5. Sarah says:

    Yeah I had a few £300+ / £400+ bills from using my phone as a web connection, dialing back to the UK to get online.

    So that plus I pay out around £1k per contract, you’d have thought they’d want to keep me but I guess I’m of no real interest to them.

    Have a good Christmas 🙂