Couple of WordPress 2.7 Annoyances

As much as I love the new version of WordPress, I’ve come across an issue which is a bit of a pain (although I’ve not had the chance to scour the WP forum or Bugs). I mentioned it a week or so ago, whereby the template tag comments_number() and also comments_popup_link() displays the count of comments regardless of their moderation status, i.e. if someone’s left a comment but it hasn’t been moderated, on the front end you’ll still get their comment included in the count (which is obviously confusing if there are no other comments on the post!).

This may also be my own problem which is why I’ve not seen anyone else mention it. I’ve got an issue (which I don’t have on any other site) on my comments admin page, and the comment counts are wrong on that too. So it’s something to look into further when I have the time.

The other gripe I’ve got is that when you use the automatic upgrade in the admin, it overwrites all the files and also the classic and default theme directories. My first thought when I realised this was that surely there are people out there who use one of these themes and just make a few alterations themselves? My second thought, well more a concern, was that a lot of sites we have to upgrade has their theme in the default directory. You may wonder why, and there is a good reason! If you go to a WP site, the first thing WP has to do is check which theme is in use and then check if it’s there by looking for the stylesheet. If the stylesheet can’t be found WP automatically reverts back to the default theme and updates the database to make the default theme the selected theme.

It’s an understandable method however I’ve found that if I happen to be updating my stylesheet for this site, for a brief couple of seconds my stylesheet doesn’t exist as FTP will delete the file and then upload the new version. At that point, if anyone visits the site, the theme is switched to default. It sounds like a rare thing but I’ve had it happen a few times on this site, so once I worked this out I started to use the default directory instead.

Okay, so I realise that I could leave sites as they are and just not use the built in upgrade function but with around 20+ sites to upgrade (not all mine!) when a new version is out, the function is very much welcomed, however in my mind, overwriting the theme directories is a flaw. Either, the option should be given to copy the theme directories over or not, or simply just not part of the upgrade.

However, despite my problem and annoyance, those are the only issues that I can really find wrong with the new version. I just now need to update all the sites to not use the default directory!

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11 Responses

  1. Wesley says:

    If you have SSH access, you could do chattr +i to make the folder immutable (uneditable), that should stop WordPress 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Cheers Wesley, unfortunately I don’t have SSH access at present. Changing the directory isn’t too much of a hassle, but I just think it’s a bit of a flaw, especially when the upgrade notes say not to change the wp-content folder, and to take care. This automatic upgrade seems to have forgotten that.

  3. Evyta SEO says:

    Hello Sarah 🙂

    Maybe you can try to re-upload the new wp 2.7 file and install it manually into your FTP. I did it too when I got some errors in my site. And now it’s better. New update download of wp 2.7 is better now

    • Sarah says:

      I’ll give that a go when I’ve got a chance and see if it fixes it, although I’m not getting errors, just incorrect information. Still, it may fix it 🙂

  4. Goran Giertz says:

    I haven’t upgraded yet to 2.7, and have been reading great reviews on it. This post is the first that highlights any errors or problems that come with it. Thank you for the heads up, I’ll be on the look out for any of these annoyances. 😉

  5. Sarah says:

    Hi Goran, the upgrade is worth any minor issues, plus I’m not sure if these are just limited to my install. I need to try reuploading the files and see if that fixes my comment problems.

    The upgrade is an annoyance though and I’m suprised it happens like that, but I guess it is its first outing so it may be improved on in future versions.

  6. Geek Mother says:

    Would it be possible to keep your ‘master’ default directory on a local directory and then sync the remote and local copies? Then when wordpress updates you can simply re-sync the two to undo the wordpress damage.

    • Sarah says:

      Sounds like a lot of work just to combat the fact that WordPress don’t give you the option to stop the theme directories from being overwritten. To be honest with around 10 sites using the default theme directory for their theme, I don’t think I’d want to set anything like that up on that many sites!

  7. Andy Hughes says:

    Hi folk’s,

    You’ve been helpful to me in the past and so I’m hoping you’ll be able to help again.

    I have a problem with a new installation of WordPress, for an experimental website I’m running. It keeps displaying whole posts and not the summary that my other blog site displays. I have this problem before but can’t remember how I sorted it.

    As far as I can see, the settings from both WordPress installations look the same, so I’m stuck. I know it’s probably something obvious but I’ve been staring at it for ages and now my eyes and brain are hurting.

    Any help would be much appreciated.



    • Sarah says:

      Hi Andy, sounds to me like your template needs altering. In the index.php page check to see if you’ve got the_content() or the_excerpt(). The first tag will display full content, the second displays just the excerpt.

  8. Andy Hughes says:

    Hi Sarah,

    You’re a superstar, thanks for that little nugget. I changed the code and it’s now working perfectly!

    Interestingly, I had an e-mail from a lady in Canada (I think) saying that she had been having the same problem I had with wordpress where it wouldn’t let you post through adobe contribute. I realised that, having sorted my problem with not being able to create posts in wordpress and as I now do my posting directly through the wordpress admin system, I hadn’t tried to use contribute again, which was how the problem first came to light.

    After this lady’s e-mail, I went into contribute to set up my blog and see if it would work and I haven’t been able to get contribute to connect to my blog. It asks me for the blog host (to which I select WordPress), it then asks me for my username and password (which I assume are the details I enter at the admin screen of wordpress) which I enter and it then says it can’t connect. Any ideas from anyone as to why this might be or how else maybe to sort it?

    Thanks again Sarah.