Business Upgrades

It’s all go here at the moment. On Tuesday we finally got our own dedicated server for hosting (a managed one of course!) so this weekend we have 40 sites to move, then a further 30 or so to move over the next month. The server is mainly for our clients and our own sites, but to help with the cost we’ve got a couple of friends on board to buy some reseller space. It’s quite exciting to think we have our own server, sounds so professional 😀

Next step is to install some good billing system software to deal with all of the hosting, domains and support invoicing, which should save us a fair bit of time. Then we have a lot of other things to sort out for some important news come April (business news, before anyone wonders!). So there’s plenty to be doing as far as administration goes, plus working full time!

Workwise I’m currently battling with ODBC to get Sage information online, which really doesn’t want to work for us, and also working with an MS SQL database containing thousands of records on cars for a leasing site that I’m working on. This means I’ve had to adopt a new method of connecting to the database via another ODBC (the mssql extension isn’t available on the server), but thankfully the ADOdb Library has proved to be very useful. I’m still having to work through the Documentation to find parts I need, plus I’m mixing it with calls to MySQL as well, which makes for a highly confusing site!

We’re currently busy up until at least April, and then potentially until the end of June, which is great news in the current climate. I’m also aiming to hire someone part time to do some work for us, ease my workload a bit hopefully, and let me get back to a bit of normality instead of working all hours just to keep up!

So yes, it’s all go here 🙂

3 Responses

  1. Goran Giertz says:

    A good billing system is very essential, actually, anything that makes finance management easier is important in any enterprise.

  2. Brian says:

    It’s a bit late now, but a tip for those wanting to go dedicated: Search around for coupons. Nearly every company that offers dedicated servers has coupons floating around with steep discounts. I got my server for half the normal monthly price just because I did a little searching.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Brian, I’m sure your tip will be of help to others. We went for an online contact who also manages a server for a client of mine, plus a friend of mine, so we know we’ll get a good service. At the end of the day good customer support is worth the money which is what we get.