Personal and Business Goings On

For a month where I thought life would start to slow down a little thanks to virtually completing the two major projects that had been hanging over my head for months before, this month has instead just flown by!

I mentioned last time that David and I had merged our businesses to form a company, which starts trading on 1st April. So we’ve been making a few preparations for that, getting the client list in check, getting the clients added to our online accounts system – Kashflow (read my review), and also sorting out the new company site, bank account, insurance etc.

We were also planning on using WHMCS to manage all of our hosting and domain clients, along with those on support contracts, however the main reason was for the automated billing, which I then discovered Kashflow could handle, so why duplicate the work and the cost!

In our personal lives things have taken a major turn in that we got engaged a couple of weeks ago and hope to get married towards the end of the year 😀 This is obviously a bit of a distraction, and also means we need to work even harder to save up for all the costs involved!

So yes, it’s even more all go here than normal!