Yes, I’ve been quiet and for that I apologise. Each year I think I’ll get the time and get back to blogging, but last year was a major up and down year and I barely stopped, and in all honesty this year will probably be the same simply due to the fact that I’m pregnant with twins, due in 4-6 weeks. One was planned, the other is just a little stowaway! 🙂

I do keep meaning to write some posts, even personal stuff, make this site possibly a bit more personal and probably a lot less techy in part, but by the end of the day I’m just working hard to keep my eyes open. It’s certainly hard work carrying/growing 2 babies and trying to help out with a 3 year old too! Plus I’m putting in all the hours I can with work to maximise my maternity leave and in case I go early (a possibility with twins).

Still, I’ve finally managed to get some updates into my Page Menu Editor plugin, just bug fixes, nothing mind blowing really, but they’ve been sitting waiting for about a year.

I will try and get some posts written, it’s just hard to write these days as a lot of stuff I do is so bespoke such as report writing, using data from bespoke systems, that it’s not really mainstream stuff.

Anyway, I am still here, still working, still breathing… although it’s time for bed! 🙂