Using Schema in your sites

Schema code in HTML5 I was recently looking for some posts on HTML5 and how it’s the best from an SEO perspective, for a client who was having a new site from an SEO firm nonetheless, and brushed off his comment (which came from me!) about how they had used HTML 4.01 with a loose DTD (their response that HTML5 is not supported by internet explorer… There are no words!). So to backup my response to my client about that being rubbish (considering his site coded by us in 2013, in HTML5, has worked fine!), and for the SEO, I found a few links on the subject from various top SEO sites. Whilst looking through these I also noticed Schema being mentioned. I’m quite behind on this subject but from looking in search results, so are a lot of other people!

What is Schema?

Simply put, it’s some additional code that we can add to the HTML code to identify what a page or section within a page is about, e.g. A product, a job vacancy, a recipe, an event, and more. There’s a lot more information about it plus every current valid Schema on

Click through testing

So I decided to try this out on a few static model pages which link to a product within that make/model if it is in stock. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of data as such, as the pages had about a week in Google with the price and availability showing before the new site went live, but the data I have seen compared to the previous week, or even the previous 28 days, shows a 25% increase in clicks (up from 240 to 300), and more impressive is the increase in click through ratio (clicks per impressions) from 2.3% to 3.17%. That’s roughly a 33% increase.

I’d have loved to have seen more data on this for products but unfortunately I discovered something cool too late! However I have started implementing other schemas on other sites and working on new pages to allow me to use the main schemas that Google visually display. The first job is a new events page that lists and links to upcoming events that a client is holding or want to publicise. I’m looking forward to seeing the results from this and of course will hopefully report the results on here 🙂

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