Raising Twins

Our children holding hands So 2 years ago, in the blink of an eye (okay about 10 minutes but hey ho!), we went from a family of three to five. It’s been such a rollercoaster since, chaos half the time, emotional for a lot of it, with very little sleep in between!

They were born 7 weeks early, at 4lb 1 and 4lb 10 (just under and just over 2kg for my metric friends!), and Chloe had to go into the intensive care unit initially due to breathing difficulties. They were in the neonatal unit for 22 days in total, although it felt like months to us. It was hard work trying to visit daily, keep as much normality as possible for our eldest, Thomas, and also get over the whole twin pregnancy thing (kind of leaves your body a bit worse for wear!).

The first two years have, in a nutshell, been extremely hard work! I went back to work full time when they were just 4 months old. Yes, I work from home so it’s not like I was leaving them, but it’s very hard to work with one or two babies feeding from you! I could manage with one, but not two! Plus, of course, the nights have been double as hard. Even at 2 years old, they don’t sleep very well. We have had some good nights where James maybe slept until 6am, so I’ve just had Chloe to feed 2-3 times, which is a walk in the park really. However more recently they’ve regressed a bit, possibly through teething, illness, developmental, who knows! Last night I had them waking and feeding 3 times each. I think for James it’s more for comfort, but it’s either that or have him wide awake for up to 2 hours. Interestingly, Thomas used to wake for up to 2 hours at night around this age and just sit and stare into the darkness (as I wouldn’t turn the light on, hoping to convince him to settle back to sleep, though it rarely worked!).

It’s still rare for us to be able to leave the house before 9.30am as a family, and some days we just give in and don’t make it out the door! The house is a tip, on a good day it looks like a chinese laundry, on a bad day I have no clean socks (or both, as I seem to worry about everyone else’s clothes before my own!), and decent dinners are few and far between. It’s extremely hard work. I knew it would be, but despite how much you think you know when it comes to raising twins, you can just never be prepared enough! We’re currently on the 2 year old stage, which means learning to talk in sentences (or just new words for James!), and learning how to open every child lock, gate, drawer and object in sight, plus how to climb out the cot!

All that said, we’re lucky to have all three of our amazing children, and I wouldn’t change them for the world (although a bit more sleep would be much appreciated!) 🙂

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