New Camera – Canon Powershot SX710 HS

Robin Redbreast This year I thought I’d treat myself to a new toy from my parents for Christmas (plus a bit of savings!). I rarely buy myself anything these days, most money goes on the kids once the bills are paid, or in savings for doing the house up, but I figured this was a worthwhile investment. I decided to buy a Canon Powershot SX710 HS. I take photos all of the time but usually on my phone only. It’s great for quick shots but in low light, or long range, it’s not that great. We have 3 over active, never staying still children, and they are my main subjects! I still own a Canon 400D DSLR but it’s such a large camera (to me) and getting it out, finding the right lense to put on etc. Then having to either use my desktop or find the card reader to download the photos… well it’s all a bit of a faff and I don’t get much spare time to faff these days!

The Canon Powershot is fab. It fits in my pocket, it has a 30x optical zoom then about another 90x digital on top. It uses an SD card, which can pop straight into my laptop, but it also can connect to my phone via wifi, which means I can also use my phone as a remote control for it if I wanted. There are a few SLR type modes, such as aperture priority mode, shutter priority mode, plus a few other options to control the ISO, white balance etc. A lot more than my last point and shoot anyway! It gives me a chance to have a bit of control over things without the bulk camera needed. Plus the video is quite good on it too.

Here are a few shots (including the Robin above) from it, all hand held 🙂

Elephant at Chester Zoo Flamingos

Untitled Morning Moon!