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Social Media Icons Yes, it’s pretty obvious and it’s been around for quite a while, drummed into those of us who have been blogging or offering SEO services (to some degree). Social Media is a major marketing tool. However, despite that being the case, a lot of us just don’t make use of it the way we should. So here’s a little reminder for some and a gentle nudge to others on what marketing you could be doing via your social media accounts in the order I think they are important. Not all may apply! It depends whether you’re blogging, business blogging or simply trying to push a business such as an ecommerce site, property site or recruitment.


Twitter is going to be a major driving force in the search engines this year after its deal with Google. Google will be eating up all of the twitter posts, hashtags and more. I must admit, I fell out of love with Twitter for a while having been an account holder since 2007. It got deafening on there, and everyone was drowning each other out. But with some private lists to grab just those I really want to keep up with, ones for tutorial sites, web dev sites/people, local people etc. It’s easy to dip in and out of, to have a little rant and not worry too much, or to instantly ask for help and hopefully get a response. It’s also a great way to get in touch with your consumers or audience. It’s much more public and less personal than the likes of facebook I think, and you have to be short and to the point with just 140 characters max!


This, in part, should be at the top of the list of sites to use, but I still don’t think the reach of Google+ is there yet. I have very few non-tech people in my lists for example. However, with Google having the largest share of the search engine users, it’s not a social media site to ignore. Google will easily be watching and monitoring everything that goes onto your G+ page, the +1s and shares will be noticed, and I would imagine that popular posts will benefit in their search engine ranking. I think there’s a lot more that needs doing to get G+ into mainstream use but it’s still a very worthwhile platform to share your posts, products and information.


If you want to reach out to other business personnel then LinkedIn is certainly an arena to get into. You can set up a company page on there and post your updates via the company page, or simply have your own LinkedIn profile posting your news and updates. You’re going to reach out to the corporate world, the self employed, the designers, the bloggers and students, with your news and information, vital if the products you’re selling are aimed at or likely to be purchased by any of these people.


If you’re trying to get interest on your products, or can simply add a visual spin on your market, then instagram is a great way to capture people’s attention and imagination. A picture tells a thousand words, and a good quality photo will really grab people’s attention and hopefully get them to click through to the product or site and become a permanent visitor. I follow numerous types of instagram users, a lot of photographers were the initial driving force but this has now spread into cookery, products, real estate and so on. I’ve seen where a simple image can sell a product within minutes. If that’s not worth a shot then what is?


This is quite new on my radar to be honest. I only set up a Pintrest account because I wanted a free cross stitch pattern. However now I love it. I grab free patterns for cross stitch, crochet, recipe ideas, home and organising ideas and more. With the whole method of sharing and following others, popular posts/images getting more exposure, it’s again one not to be ignored when it comes to marketing.


There’s no doubt that Facebook is popular. So many people use it now, for keeping up with family and friends to keeping in contact with local, national and international businesses (and so much more of course!). A Facebook page is an ideal marketing outlet as you have no real restriction on characters in your post, like Twitter, and you can easily throw in a nice large photo to catch people’s eyes. However, Facebook has also reworked their algorithms to try and make business pages suffer a little if they’re not paying for sponsored posts to appear on people’s timelines, and also, even if they do appear, can you be heard in the crowd on a person’s busy timeline? It’s definitely worth still having a presence but I think you will only really find success in the long term after building up a dedicated following.

Some of these sites just need someone, anyone, to share or save your post and/or image (e.g. Twitter, Pintrest, G+), others need you to make a little effort by starting the ball rolling yourself (e.g. posting an image on instagram), however regardless of effort, none of them require a lot of effort to push your posts and products to, and if even just a small percentage can result in a conversion then it’s worth it.

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