WordPress Slow? Scan your plugins!


For a long time, one of our client’s WordPress admin pages, a custom post type, has been loading exceptionally slow. There were over 1000 posts, yet I have about 1000 blog posts here and the admin page certainly doesn’t load slow here! I had tried everything I could think of and find online to speed the page up.

Eventually I came across a plugin called WordPress Plugin Performance Profiler in a support thread. It’s a plugin created by GoDaddy, and I’m guessing written to help their own users to troubleshoot speed issues on their website.

I installed the plugin and then ran it on one of our sites and the results were surprising. It told me how the core files were loading within a second or two, but it was taking 8 seconds to load a plugin called Revisionary. This wasn’t really needed any more so I disabled that. I then ran the scan on the site with the 1000+ custom post type posts and found that 80 seconds were being lost to WP Slim Stats. The plugin itself wasn’t necessarily the issue, but it was being added in a column on the list posts page to show how many visitors each page had received. Clearly it was causing too many database queries with this. The minute I realised what was happening, I set about adding an action/filter to remove the column from loading, and now the same page loads within 2 seconds! And I also have about 50 happy users who use this page daily 🙂

So, even if you don’t think there’s an issue, it’s worth installing this and running it every so often to see if there are any problems. Especially if you write your own plugins, this way you can keep a check on them and make sure they’re not sucking up the resources on the server in an unexpected way!

(Photo credit: FreeImages.com/Dino Perry)

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