Accessible Images in Twitter

Businesses are gradually becoming more understanding of accessibility with websites although, 11 years on since the Disability Discrimination Act updated to include business and service provider websites as areas that required to be accessible to all, I still find so many people either not having a clue or actually, sadly, not caring. Having known partially sighted and colour blind people, I find this sad that in this day and age, the one thing that should surely be so readily available to people and something that’s so easy to achieve, is often overlooked.

So, today here’s a bit of info on how to post up accessible photos in your Twitter feed. I’m sure plenty of people never thought about the lack of descriptive alternative text, yet Twitter is one of the popular social media streams, so for businesses especially, a bit of extra attention and care could win you some extra customers or, not lose those you have.

Accessibility On

First of all, you need to turn your accessibility to on for images. This means going into your account, go into the More section, click ‘Settings & Privacy’, click on ‘Accessibility’ and then at the top, switch on the setting for ‘Compose image descriptions’.

Twitter Settings Screenshot

Now you can write a tweet, add an image and add a description. So click to write a new Tweet, and then add your photo or image. Once the photo shows on your tweet, below is a link saying ‘Add description’ (see below).

Add description to image screenshot

Clicking on the Add description link will bring up a small box to allow you to add in the description of the image. This will then show as the alternative text for the image, and give meaning to it for screen readers for those who rely on them. It takes maybe an extra minute, but I think any business posting images should be doing this simple job.

Twitter Accessibility

I think if you rely on the alternative text as a consumer or user, contact businesses that aren’t employing this and get them to do so, for your benefit and others.

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